No More Quickies for Quigg

 Scott Quigg has revealed he has imposed a ban on all nookie ahead of his world title showdown with Oscar Valdez. The boxing star will be heading to California soon in order to start preparations for his bid to become a two-weight world champion against the featherweight fighter, who remains unbeaten.

His Fiance Will Not Be Sharing His Bed

The former WBA world super bantamweight champion hits California on Monday in order to begin getting ready against Valdez at the Stubhub Centre in Carson. Beverley, his fitness instructor fiancee, intends to follow later on, but Quigg has already informed her that she will not be sharing a bed with him until the clash set for the 10th of March is in the bag.

Quigg has acknowledged that his fiancee is not overjoyed about the rule, but that he intended to stick to his decision. He added that he thought it unlikely he would even see her before the first bell sounded, unless he bumped into her at the weigh-in or something similar. He concluded by stating that many fighters didn’t have sex before a big fight, mentioning Carl Froch, the former world champion, specifically, and wrly adding that it certainly hadn’t done Froch any harm!

Punters who enjoy the boxing wagers betting sites in Australia and the rest of the world make available will no doubt be please at Quigg’s level of commitment. And Quigg, with an unmistakable twinkle in his eye, assured the press that he would certainly be making up for lost time after he had succeeded in taking Valdez’s belt!

Quigg is Cool with Being the Underdog

Valdez, the power-punching fighter from Mexico, is the odds-on favourite to retain his World Boxing Organisation title, but Quigg has insisted that he has no problem being the underdog. He added that what the bookmakers thought meant not a thing to him, and that his intentions remained what they have always been: to go to California in order to take Valdez’s title, and prove to everyone that he, Quigg, had both the ability and the desire to become a world champion in two weight divisions.

The Fighters Have Sparred Before Now

Valdez represented Mexico at both the 2008 and the 2012 Olympic Games before he joined the ranks of paid boxers, and the fighter has a KO ratio of more than 80%. Quigg, who lost his WBA super bantamweight title to Carl Frampton back in 2016, has already tasted Valdez’s power, thanks to the fact that they sparred in Los Angeles’ Wild Card gym a few months ago.

Quigg revealed that he and Valdez shared the same gym, and that he had been asked if he wanted to spar against the star from Mexico. He added that he said yes at once, partly because he didn’t want anyone to think that he was afraid of him. Some fighters, Quigg added, elected not to spar against potential opponents because they feared they would give too much away, but Quigg is obviously not in this camp.



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