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‘No Decision’ – Ray Moylette Savouring the Moment

For the first time in his boxing career, Ray Moylette is going to savour the moment.

After working hard to get show back to Castlebar, the Mayo fighter had to work extremely hard to ensure he secured victory on St Patrick’s Day – and is now determined to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Speaking after getting up off the floor to defeat Reuquen Cona Facundo Arce, ‘Sugar Ray’ was determined to enjoy the win, the night and the reaction for what it was and not what it could mean for his future.

The Paschal Collins trained fighter went into the fight claiming it could be his last but didn’t want to talk about anything beyond Sunday night.

“There is no decision being made yet. I just want to enjoy this,” he said after.

Moylette points out that ever since he came home from Ankura with a European Championships gold medal draped over his neck he’s been looking forward to whats next.

So, he is taking time to take in his surroundings and ignore the horizon for the time being.

“I won the Europeans in 2011 and everyone was talking about the Olympic Games, I didn’t get time to enjoy [European success]. Then I was chasing the Olympics after that. Anything I’ve ever won I was never given the opportunity to enjoy it.

“It was always what’s next what’s next? For the first time in my boxing life I’ve set out to do something and I’ve done it. I just want to enjoy it now. If something comes off it let it good and well.”

Something does appear to have come off it. JB Promotions have offered Moylette a shot Senan Kelly and want to do for an Irish title in May.

The Islandeady 33-year-old will no doubt be tempted but it appears the decision to fight on or not is not his own.

“I’ve no decision at the minute. It’s very hard to walk away after that and the emotion in there. That was amazing, but do I want to put my family and myself through a camp again. I was nonexistent at home for the last 10 or 12 weeks. I wasn’t a father. I was so involved with the promotion of it and my training was sacrificed a little. If it was to happen again it couldn’t be done the same way.”


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