New Year’s Resolutions: “No backwards steps” for Phil Sutcliffe

Phil Sutcliffe Jr [12(7)-1(0)] is delighted he is being kept busy, but is adamant he doesn’t want keep busy fights.

The light welterweight prospect will fight for the fifth time in ten months when he boxes on the Jamie Conlan undercard in the Waterfront Hall this coming February 18th in what will be a third time under the MGM banner since October.

Having been relatively active in recent months, and having finished 2016 with a high octane ten-round battle with top domestic puncher Chris Jenkins, most would allow Sutcliffe something of a ‘gimme fight’ to get the year going.

Indeed, the rules of modern boxing indicate that it is the path that should be taken, but the 27 year old isn’t one for rules.

Sutcliffe claims he will be back in eight or 10 round action next month and told that he expects a bigger and better opponent than two-time British title challenger Jenkins.

“I have been told to be ready for an eight or 10 rounder. Another 10 rounder would be brilliant and I am expecting another step up. I expect my opponent to be a step up to Chris Jenkins,” he said before qualifying ‘better’.

“In saying that, I don’t think Chris gets the credit he deserves, so when I say better I mean in the public’s eyes. Chris is one tough lad with some engine. You watch, after his fight with me, not many will fight him. I underestimated him myself.”

While the MGM fighter had to battle hard against the a fighter with a ‘tank engine’ to get a points win, he claims he should have ended what proved to be an intensely tough fight before it even got started.

“I should have stopped him in the first. I hurt him and I should have taken him out, but 10 rounds, especially at that pace and that intensity, will really stand to me. I am delighted looking back that I got them in the bank,” he added before revealing what he hopes 2017 has in store for him.

“You know me, I will fight anyone. MGM have been great during my camps and I am confident they will get me the fights. I will get this one out of the way and keep building and building. I want to move forward, no backward steps, I need to get a move on.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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