Nevin: I am fighter I always knew I would be back

The more dramatic headline writers said it was game over when John Joe Nevin suffered a double leg break last year.

A lot of fight fans agreed with the career obituaries highlighting Nevin’s sublime skills revolved around footwork.

However, the man himself never doubted he would return to the ring and still believes he will become World champion.

The Olympic silver medal, who returned with a victory over Jack Heath in November, continues his rehabilitation in New York tonight when he trades leather with Victor Raul Capaceta in his second fight since his horrific injury.

It’s a long way from his hospital bed, but Nevin always knew he would be showing of his vaunted boxing abilities Stateside again.

“I always knew I would be back. From day one when I was lying in my hospital bed I knew I’d be back. This wasn’t going to keep me down because I am a fighter and I wasn’t going to give up my dreams because my legs were broken,” Nevin told Boxing Scene.

“Look at ll the people who had broken bones and came back and made careers for themselves.”

“I have put my head down and forgot about the whole thing,” he added when asked about the circumstances around the injury.

Such was Nevin’s amateur achievements and the stylish manner in which he achieved them that their are high hopes for the Mullingar man. If he can steer of trouble there is a strong belief he can reach World title level and the 26 year old, who fights at super featherweight is aware of the expectation levels.

“There is a lot of pressure, but I got to where I am in my career now by believing in myself and going out and enjoying the sport. If it’s not good enough its not good enough, that is what I say to myself. But I believe if I go out and give it 100 percent no one in the World can beat me.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years