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Mutual Foe O’Maison Shares Surprising Donovan vs Molloy Prediction

Keiran Molloy has silly power and would knockout Paddy Donovan if they were to fight according to their only pro mutual opponent.

Sam O’Masion fought both Irish prospects this year and turned matchmaker post being stopped by both, taking to social media to suggest they should fight.

The British title challenger, whose visits to Ireland helped reignite debate with regard to the extremely talented former amateur rivals, made that suggestion without knowing they have significant history. The 32-year-old Sheffield southpaw would just like to see how they fair against each other, although he is confident he knows how any Limerick – Galway meeting will play out.

O’Masion predicts an emphatic Galway win if the Top Rank and Matchroom fighters were to meet.

“I think it would be close and cagey fight at first but I see Kieran Molloy knocking Paddy Donovan out,” O’Maison told Irish-boxing.com.

“There both good but there are levels and Kieran is a lot stronger,” he continues speaking about a fight the vast majority see as a 50-50.

“Kieran’s got silly power whereas with Paddy I was shocked. I expected him to be a lot stronger.”

O’Maison’s prediction may be influenced by the fact Molloy dropped and stopped him in one, whereas O’Donovan got the job done in six.

The 32-year-old admits he had better prep for the Feile clash with Galway’s Molloy. He says he only took the fight because his ‘ridiculous’ demands were met and argues he could have continued in both fights.

“The Kieran Molloy fight I’d not been training, I’d not even been in the gym. My manager didn’t really want me to fight and my trainer said definitely not because I hadn’t been in the gym. Me being me I asked for a ridiculous amount of money. I was sure they’d turn it down but after a bit of back and forth, they agreed to all my terms so I fought.

“The Paddy Donovan fight came as I was 3 weeks into a training camp for a fight in Scotland. We took it, again asking for a silly amount of money, which they paid.

“I’m a prize fighter if it’s feeding my little girls am doing it,” he explains before saying he should have been allowed to continue in both bouts.

“With Paddy, I was never really hurt. When he pulled me down the reff stood in the way of my cornerman’s view, he chucked the towel thinking I’d been caught with a punch. Kieran actually knocked me down but again I could have continued but the refs see what they see and he called it a day.”


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