Murphy concedes weight

June 11 By Cormac Cambpell

Brisbane based Newry boxer Paddy Murphy will face Lee Garap (1-1-1) on July 30 in his second professional contest.

Welterweight Murphy, the 2008 Ulster Senior Champion, looks likely to give away a considerable amount of weight in the Fortitude Stadium contest as 29-year-old Garap is listed as a middleweight. Indeed, when the Papua New Guinea native outpointed Murphy’s gymmate Steve Wijangco in April he tipped the scales at 153 3/4lb whereas Murphy weighed just 146lb for his May debut victory over David Bainbridge.

However, speaking to the Newry Reporter, the former Sacred Heart star said that he will be able to put Wijangco’s experience with Garap to good use.

“He’s had plenty of kickboxing fights but only three boxing fights,” he said. “He beat one of my clubmates last time out so we have plenty of inside knowledge.”

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