Munroe keen on Dunne

11 April 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Rendall Munroe has revealed that he would have no issue with giving up home advantage in order to secure a shot at WBA super-bantamweight champion Bernard Dunne.

Munroe was ringside for Dunnes world title win over Ricardo Cordoba at The O2 in Dublin last month and was not overly impressed by what he saw.

Indeed, the Leicester natives promoter, Frank Maloney, issued a second offer to Dunne for a bout with Munroe earlier this week, claiming that Dunne could have home advantage and either 200,000 or a share of the promotion.

Munroe, for his part, isn’t interested in the negotiation process he just wants a crack at Dunnes WBA title, regardless of the money on offer or indeed the venue.

Ill fight anywhere. Really, it doesnt matter where you fight. At the end of the day, itll just be me and him in the ring. The crowd can shout all they want but shouting doesnt throw any punches, the reigning European champion said.

So I really wouldnt care where this fight was. If I have to travel over there, so be it. And besides, I have plenty of supporters whod be more than willing to go to Dublin to see me fight.

So Id just love to see this fight made. But Ive always said that the promoters and the managers are the ones who should be doing all the talking. I just concentrate on fighting.

If the promoters involved can make it happen, then, thatll be great, Ill gladly go along with it.

I want to become a world champion and Im willing to take any opportunity which comes along. So, its up to managers and promoters to sit down and do their jobs and then well see what happens.

Munroe is in no doubt that he has what it takes to dethrone Dunne. Certainly, the fact that he has twice defeated Kiko Martinez, the man who ended Dunnes reign as European champion with a stunning, first-round stoppage win, would appear to bode well for the 28-year-old southpaw.

However, Munroe is wary of reading too much into his wins over Martinez.

Well, styles make fights and my style was obviously ideally suited to beating Kiko. But that doesnt mean Id definitely beat Dunne, he admitted.

But I went over to watch him in Dublin, just to see what he was about, and, to me, no disrespect to the guy, I now know that I can beat him. Both Dunne and Cordoba fought well on the night, it was a real war. But I think that I have what it takes to beat Bernard.

But I dont like to talk too much. I let my hands do the talking into the ring.

Im a naturally confident person but Im not overconfident. I respect every fighter I get into the ring with. Were all going in there with the same goal, determined to win, so every single fighter is dangerous.

Indeed, Munroe insists that his sole focus at the moment is not on securing a clash with Dunne, but adding the Commonwealth title to his European crown in Sunderland on May 2.

Standing in his way is the modestly talented Ghanaian, Isaac Nettey, who has won just three of his six professional bouts to date.

Victory would appear something of a formality but Munroe says that he is not taking Nettey lightly.

Some people are saying, oh, this guys a nobody, youll beat him easily. But I train for every fight like its a world title fight. And as long as I continue to do that I believe Ill continue winning, he reasoned.

Then, eventually, Ill end with a world title, with a major belt around my waist. Thats my ambition and Ill just keep training hard and working towards that.

“And obviously because I have a great manager and a great promoter, that title shot is getting closer. Its very much in the pipeline now.

Indeed, Munroe is confident that even if he does not manage to get Dunne in the ring, he will eventually land one of the many big names currently plying their trade at 122lbs.

Theres some great fights to be made in this division. And if you want to become the best you have to fight the best. Thats how it works, he said.

It depends on what type of fighter you are: if youre in this game to just make some money, well, then, youll just take on bums all the time; but if youre here to win world titles, you have to take on the best.

And Im ready and willing to do that.

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