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Mick Conlan not bothered by AIBA’s ‘cheap’ threats

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Mick Conlan isn’t worried by the AIBA’s promise to punish him for his post-fight actions in Rio.

Following his controversial loss against Vladimir Nikitin in the Olympic quarter final, the Belfast bantamweight gave the middle finger to AIBA officials and labelled the organisation “f*cking cheats.”

Speaking yesterday evening in Dublin Airport upon his arrival back in Ireland, Conlan stood by his claims, stating that “I still believe everything I said was the truth, it was me being honest”

“If I hadn’t said those things, even though it was a bit crazy, I would probably have a bit of regret now not saying it.”

“I know what happened and I know what went on, it is what it is, life goes on.”

Regarding the AIBA’s threats of repercussions, Conlan is not phased, and admits that “it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, they can do whatever they want because they have no right to punish me after what they’ve done.

“They can try to punish me, but I don’t think it’s going to be possible for them.”

“They can try to do what they want.”

The 24 year old, like many, pointed to the AIBA’s near-admittance of guilt in the aftermath, and believes that the organisation led by Dr CK Wu has little mandate to enforce punitive action. Conlan explained that “it doesn’t bother me. I spoke the truth and how can they discipline me after more or less admitting what they did was wrong because they sacked the judges?”

“They sacked judges and changed people in roles, so it’s a bit cheap what they are saying.”

Conlan also thanked the Irish people who came out to Dublin Airport in their droves to greet him and the team, and who were near-unanimous in their support of his post-fight actions – alongside an army of new followers he has won across the World.. The Clonard ABC man described how “I’m just delighted to come back here and get a hero’s welcome, back with all the fans in Ireland, it’s fantastic.”

“I’ve been getting people all around the World writing to me, Puerto Rico, Mongolia, and they’re all right behind me.”

“Canadians are saying that I’m a folk hero in Canada.”

“The support I have had has been overwhelming, it has made it a lot easier.”

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