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The Irish-Boxing.com Mailbox #1

We asked for your contributions and boy did you step up to the mark. Between amateurs and pros we were sent plenty of mails from boxing fans itching to have their viewpoints heard.

So without further ado, here is the first installment of the Irish-Boxing.com mailbox

The following are the views of contributors and not necessarily those Irish-Boxing.com

Where’s the madness Tyson?

The lack of Tyson Fury antics ahead of the Klitschko rematch is actually starting to worry me. I know Fury is probably training hard but I really think a big part of his win last year was due to him psyching Klitschko out beforehand and knocking him off his game, maybe he’s saving it all for fight week, but it is worrying.
Pól, Manchester

An International Tournament at the Stadium
I was disgusted over the past few days to see the robberies perpetrated against McGivern and Mongan out in Russia at the European Youth Championships. I think it shows how rotten the AIBA. Tournaments are continually given to the likes of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, where the home fighters are basically unbeatable. Thankfully the next World Championships are in Hamburg, but the majority of locations for these tournaments are worrying. Why don’t the Irish Sports Council get their finger out and bid for one in Ireland. There would be costs obviously, but we already have a purpose-built boxing arena, and it could inspire the next generation of Irish stars.
Phil, Dublin

Tokyo 2020 hopes
The European Youth Championships have gotten me very excited for Tokyo 2020. The level of young talent in the country at the moment is astounding. Come 2020 we’d have the likes of McGivern, McGinty, Nevin, Joyce, Stokes, McKenna, Donoghue all ready to make an impact, plus the likes of O’Reilly and Irvine who might still be around. A scary amount of talent.
Michael, Limerick

Walsh was Warranted
Delighted to see the IABA have chosen Dean Walsh for the Olympic qualifiers and have not bowed to the loud pressure to send Moylette instead. Dean has beaten him twice, and it wouldn’t have been fair to take the spot off him as a punishment for Turkey. I have nothing against Ray by the way, just happy for Dean, and he WILL qualify next week.
Shane, Wexford

Do it for Dublin Pajo
I was absolutely delighted to hear that Pajo Hyland has been given a fight with Warrington. Russell Jr was maybe a step too far, but this is a very winnable fight and would bring back some pride to Dublin boxing that’s been missing since the Dunne days – and it would wipe the smile off Eddie Hearn’s face.
Christopher, Dublin

Frampton Fears

Maybe it’s the lack of rivalry between the two camps, a lack of news coming from Frampton’s side, or the delay in tickets, but I’m starting to worry about the Santa Cruz fight. There’s no buzz about the fight and Frampton has said that he needs that sort of atmosphere and the lack of it was a factor in the loss to Gonzalez. Could we have a situation where there’s a flat atmosphere in New York and a sluggish Frampton is outworked by Santa Cruz? I hope not!
Dave, Belfast

There’ll be woe for Warrington
So shocked to see Eddie Hearn has made the Hyland-Warrington fight especially if he is trying to make a stadium fight with Selby down the line. Warrington is the definition of a hype-job, no power, average skills, just a huge fanbase. Maybe it’s just cos Pajo was knocked out in his last fight and Hearn is underestimating him, but I will be filling my boots on Pajo at 5/2.
Frank, Dublin

Lightweight lists
I have to say I’m very excited for next week at the Stadium for the Hatton show. Looking forward to comparing the four lightweights in action, and seeing whether Paul Hyland Jr is as exciting as people say he is.If I was to rank them all now I’d say- Donovan, 2 – Devine, 3 – Bates, 4 – Hyland, and I wonder how much that will change after Saturday.
Johnner, Dublin

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