Michaela Walsh Aiming to Win Gold for Ireland at Paris 2024

Norther Irish boxer Michaela Walsh has become a force of nature over the past few years, growing
from strength to strength in her craft through sheer relentlessness and dedication.
The tough-hitting Walsh has fire in her fists and gold on her mind. The featherweight boxer has
punched her ticket to the Olympics in Paris in 2024 where she hopes to claim gold.
Sports bettors in Ireland will be following her progress with interest, particularly given the progress
she has made in recent years.

Walsh will be one of the favourites on Irish betting sites to bring home the gold medal and it would
be a brave move to wager against her achieving the feat.
Online bookmakers are braced for surge in bets on Walsh from Irish punters and she will become a
national treasure if she delivers a winning return for them next summer.
While Walsh is now one of the best boxers in her division, there have been no overnight triumphs or
fortunate breaks – she built her career through grit and perseverance.
Fuelled by sibling rivalry and an exceptional passion for the sport, she traded blows with her brother
Aidan as they honed their skills on the sweat-soaked canvas of the Emerald Boxing Club.
Walsh got her first taste of glory at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, winning a silver medal in the
flyweight category. When she got a taste, it became an obsession.
She stepped up to the featherweight category in 2018 and seamlessly adjusted to the new weight
division, where others may have struggled.
Walsh secured another silver in the Commonwealth Games. Now, her eyes are laser-targeted at the
remaining prize – the Olympic podium.
Aidan and Michaela secured their places in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic squad, becoming the first Irish
brother and sister to qualify for the Games in boxing.
She did not win gold in Tokyo, but it served as a learning curve. It is an experience that will prepare
her for the heat of battle in 2024.
Walsh subsequently claimed gold at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games as she rewrote
Irish boxing records.
At the recent Elite Championships, she claimed a record-breaking eleventh Irish title, surpassing the
legendary Kenneth Egan and Jim O’Sullivan.
This feat was by no means easy. The unwavering help of her circle of relatives, the Emerald Boxing
Club’s belief and Ireland’s collective roar of encouragement pushed her through.
When Walsh enters the ring in 2024, she will be more than just a boxer. She will be a symbol of Irish
grit, a testimony to the energy of family and community, and a beacon of hope for each aspiring
athlete chasing their Olympic dream.
In a sport dominated by men, Walsh has carved her own path. She confronted the walls of sexism
head-on, proving her mettle through the mental fortitude she constructed to fight the subtle slights
and biases.

In a space where power is frequently deemed a solely masculine trait, Walsh redefined it,
showcasing a distinct kind of strength. The echoes of support have become her armour, deflecting
the whispers of doubt and fuelling her dedication.
Through each gruelling education consultation, each heartbreaking loss and every exhilarating win,
she chipped away at the invisible limitations, proving that her dedication and expertise transcend
any arbitrary definitions of strength or gender.
If she raises her fist in victory in Paris, it won’t simply be a private triumph but a convincing
declaration that all people, regardless of gender or background, can punch their way to the top.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years