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Michael Conlan sends Paddy Donovan a cheeky Lewis Crocker warning

It will be a different story when Paddy Donovan faces Lewis Crocker hints Michael Conlan.

Donovan registered a career-best win in the significant spotlight provided by the Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall grudge match on Saturday night.

The Andy Lee-trained southpaw stopped Lewis Ritson live on DAZN to make it five step-up stoppage wins on the bounce and four since beginning a working relationship with Matchroom.

It was a display that impressed Conlan, although when sending congratulations the Belfast fighter managed to sneak in a cheeky jibe, presumably to push a Donovan – Lewis Crocker match up.

The Olympic medal winner praised the performance but said any Crocker fight wouldn’t play out the same way.

“Good performance from Paddy Donovan tonight but it will be a different fight against a big welterweight who punches like a mule.

“Lewis Crocker will do his part of the deal next month. Crocker v Donovan will be a cracker, Belfast this year.”

Donovan and Crocker have been linked since they both shared the same fight card in Belfast in January. Matchroom haven’t mentioned it with the same vigour in recent weeks, but Jamie Conlan told Irish-boxing.com it’s THE fight to make and now his younger brother Michael Conlan is hinting it will happen this year.

Crocker would first have to come through Connah Walker in Birmingham next month, something Conlan Boxing are confident he will do.

“Testament to the big fight that it is, it’s not just a big fight in Ireland, it’s a big fight in world boxing and fight that could be built for something bigger,” Jamie Conlan said before selling the storyline and narrative of what would be one of the most eagerly anticipated all Irish fights ever.

“Paddy Donovan has always had the pedigree from the amateurs, coming through to sign with Andy Lee. He’s had the glitz and glamour that’s come with that. Croc has had a cult following in Belfast for his knockouts from since he was a young kid. He flattened everyone in the early stage of his career and then went through a rough patch with injuries and time out of the ring his rebuild has been fantastic and testament to his mentality, moving away to Billy Nelson and with what he has done in the last two years.

“This is a massive fight, hopefully it can be made before the end of the year.”


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