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McKenna wants to be action hero like stable mate Conlan

Anyone that seen Jamie Conlan’s face post his all action, back and fort war with Anthony Nelson on Saturday night certainly wouldn’t  envy the Belfast super flyweight.

Anyone, bar his fellow Belfast puncher and MGM stablemate Tyrone McKenna that is.

When McKenna see’s the two swollen eyes and marked up face he doesn’t think of the pain he thinks exciting fight, the kind of clashes the welterweight prospect wants to be involved in.

The former actor has a need to entertain and while he wasn’t envious of Conlan’s success he does want to emulate the Commonwealth champion’s high profile and exciting fight mantra.

“After training with Jamie for the last few months it’s great to see him win like that,” McKenna told Irish-boxing.com.

“I’ve learnt alot watching him in the gym. His work ethic is second to none and to see him go out and do what he did on Saturday was incredible. He’s probably one of the most exciting fighters in Ireland and the UK as the moment. That is what boxing fans want to see and hopefully I can do the same in the near future.”

McKenna has a bout in Marbella to win this coming Saturday and considering he has been out of the ring for nine months it could be deemed a more ‘get rid of the ring rust’ clash.

However, the 26 year old claims there a big plans in the pipeline.

“I’ve sat down with my management team MGM and sorted out what the plans are for the year ahead. I’m very excited about it. What I want, as you know I’ve always said, is the hard fights, the ones that’ll get people excited about watching. Hopefully in the next fight or two you’ll hear an exciting fight announced.”


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