McGuigan: Frampton ready to impress the masses

CARL Frampton is about to recruit millions of fight fans to his famed ‘Jackal Army’.

Frampton’s Belfast support is notoriously passionate, partisan and sizable, but Barry McGuigan argues one of boxing’s best followings is going to be improved on after February 28.

The former World champion and CEO of Cyclone Promotins is adamant the IBF World champions support is going to increase massively thanks to the exposure fighting on ITV provides.

One of Ireland’s most loved boxers will soon become a household name across Britain and Ireland.

“Now he’s going to be a household name across the British mainland and in America. Armchair fans are going to love Frampton because they won’t have to go looking for him on their remote control consoles.

“From the moment they tune in, the noise will be incredible.”

Terrestrial TV“will certainly boost Frampton’s profile, but It is his style and skill that will win him more fans says Irish boxing legend McGuigan.

“Carl is different to me in the sense that I was a one-dimensional fighter – all-out, aggressive and always taking the fight to my opponent.

“This kid’s technical range is already better than mine ever was because he can be much more circumspect and he doesn’t mind the other guy taking him on. But Carl is the real deal – he has fast hands, great feet and his awareness of space around the ring is phenomenal, and he can win fights any way he wants.

“Having more than one way to box is great for a fighter’s longevity, but more importantly it makes him marketable on both sides of the Atlantic. Taking nothing for granted, because Avalos is a spiky character who will take some beating, but this kid has already set the world alight in Belfast.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years