McDonagh’s win on Greaves Promotion in Barnsley

Paddy and JJ McDonagh both registered points win on a Carl Greaves Promotion in Barnsley on Sunday night.

The younger of the two fighting brothers, Paddy McDonagh, 20,  extended his unbeaten record to eight with a win over  James Tucker, whilst  JJ McDonagh out pointed Stuart Maddox in the Metrodome in Barnsley.

The Midland’s duo are hoping to be out again before Christmas and hope to have a few fights with Greaves.

“It was a very good win for me,” JJ told Jane Couch.  “He was a tough and awkward fighter.  There is no shows in Ireland at the moment so we are going to come over here (England) to fight for a few shows. We could be back out here again before Christmas.”

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