AIBA World rankings Taylor #1 Ward and O’Neill #3

IABA press officer Bernard O’Neill
It’s very much as we were in the AIBA World rankings just released for November with little change or no change in the respective placings of Ireland’s boxers.
Katie Taylor is in number one spot in the AIBA women’s rankings at lightweight, a position she has occupied since she won World Championshiops gold in India in 2006.
Darren O’Neill and Joe Ward, the two highest ranked Irish male boxers, are both in third spot at middleweight and light-heavyweight.In total, including Taylor, O’Neill and Ward, Ireland has seven boxers in the top fifteen in the men’s and women’s rankings.
Two-time AIBA World medalist John Joe Nevin (4), Paddy Barnes (7) Ray Moylette (8) and Michael Conlan (14) make the top fifteen in the bantamweight, light-flyweight, light-welterweight and flyweight classes.
Olympic Youth champion Ryan Burnett, a team mate of Barnes’ at the Holy Family BC, is ranked 16th at light-flyweight.
The rankings are based on performances at AIBA approved tournaments.
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