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McCormack ‘Understands’ McCarthy’s Rematch Reluctance

Graham McCormack says Craig McCarthy isn’t rematch willing because he knows a second installment wouldn’t end well for him.

‘G’Train’ and ‘Built2Last’ went at it hell for leather in an enthralling all action BUI super middleweight Celtic title fight in Waterford in early April.

However, the grudge wasn’t quite settled as McCormack and the Limerick faithful questioned the result to the point the teams ended up clashing back stage at the SETU Arena.

A debated result, increased bad blood, a deeper rivalry, recent entertaining fight history and the potential for an Irish title to be on the line are all the perfect ingredients for a rematch.

However, McCormack claims McCarthy isn’t keen. The Waterford side of the fight and the victor of their Ring Kings meeting, is eyeing up an Irish title fight with Jay Byrne. McCormack says he’s looking to go that route because he is aware he’d be stopped if they were to share the ring again.

“He said straight after he didn’t want a rematch but look if I thought I lost I’d say the same. I wouldn’t want to give a rematch, so I understand that. Members of the BUI came up to me and members of my team said they thought I’d won and that they would sanction a rematch for the Irish title, so if that comes off then who knows but as far as I’m aware he doesn’t want it.

“If the rematch did happen I would put it all to bed and knock him out – but again he knows that, he doesn’t want it and I understand why. I wouldn’t either so it might not happen.”

McCormack has lost previously and not had anywhere near the same reaction. The Ian Gaughran guided fighter claims the feeling of being hard done by has made this reverse hard to take – and has left him with a massive desire to right what he believes is an Irish boxing wrong.

“The rematch means soo much to me because I feel I won the fight,” he adds. “I think it was taken from me. Hats off to Craig coz, it was a good fight but wen you watch it back he lost. He landed f*ck all punch’s except in Round 3 when landed a great shot.

“Honestly I’m.not being a sore loser. I’m not a sore loser at all. I’ve lost before and I know it’s part of boxing but with this fight Craig was hitting gloves and arms I was landing a lot, plus I dropped him no there was no count,” he continues before revealing he’s has come to terms with defeat but not with the result.

“I’m ok now. It did take a few days to get over it all because if you lose you lose that’s all apart of boxing and life but when it’s taken from you like It was in Waterford then it hits you a bit harder. But look it is what it is we move on from it, I’d prefer if that as in a rematch, but we’ll see.”

Speaking on the behind the scene fall out, the Shaun Kelly trained Treaty fighter said it wasn’t anything too bad just a disagreement that was left in Waterford.

“There was a lot of stuff happening after the fight, me my team, my support and family all felt I won the fight, so we all were all saying that. Both stes of teams had a lot to say to each other but look there was nothing intentionally bad or too bad in it.

“It’s boxing and emotions were high. It’s all apart of the game,” he revealed before confirming he hasn’t tried to talk to his rival post April 8.

“I haven’t talked to him and I’ve no intention of talking to him either but there’s no tension, from me anyway, I don’t care about that stuff.”


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