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Coach claims “born” fighter McCaskill will test “taught” fighter Taylor’s will and chin

It will be a case of born fighter versus taught fighter when Jessica McCaskill challenges for Katie Taylor’s WBA lightweight World title in London on Wednesday night, according to the American’s coach Rick Ramos.

The trainer has been part of a planned and continuous call out campaign that seen Team McCaskill go as far as putting a picture of Taylor on a Milk Carton along with the text – Missing – Eyes: Brown. Hair: Brown. Height: 5-5. Weight: 135. If you can identify this woman please report any information you may have to Body Shot Boxing Club, Team McCaskill.

The onslaught worked to such a degree McCaskill became the most obvious choice for Taylor’s first defence.

A deal was done and the Chicago native, who overcame homelessness to become an investment banker, now fights on top of a York Hall Sky Sports-broadcast bill for the right to become a World Champion- and will receive a purse that dwarfs anything she has earned in the ring to date.

Ramos did acknowledge that he felt he had to ruffle the Irish sporting legends feathers in a bid to get the fight.

“Katie made this fight happen. I know we had to get under Katie’s skin to make this,” he admitted at this week’s press conference.

The Champion and the challenger
The Champion and the challenger

However, securing the fight hasn’t proved enough. Team McCaskill are coming to win and have continued to try and verbal spar with the ever polite champ.

In London earlier this week Ramos went as far as to suggest that despite Taylor’s ground-breaking success his charge has more fighting spirit than the London 2012 gold medal winner.

“Jessica is a fighter. There’s a difference between being a born fighter and a ‘taught’ fighter. With all due respect to Katie, I think she’s a ‘taught’ fighter. Jessica is a born fighter,” he continued.

“Obviously Katie’s got a tremendous background. I understand that: I watched her before she was pro. I think Jessica will test her chin, test her will, and put her under pressure. Jessica would have beaten all of Katie’s opponents – including [Anahi] Sanchez.”

Taylor has done well not to get involved in the verbals, but her coach Ross Enamait isn’t one to bite his tongue and he hit back at Ramos.

“McCaskill is strong, she’s tough, but I mean, as far as being a born fighter, Katie didn’t find boxing by accident because she was trying to get in shape. She’s been boxing since she was a kid, so she’s a born fighter, and they’ll find out in the ring.

“She’s 100% ready, she’s had a great camp. She’s fired up as she is for every fight. It’s business as usual.”



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