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Mayo Councillor hits out at IABA and calls for Sports minister to examine funding

An elected representative in Mayo aggrieved by Ray Moylette’s exclusion from the Irish squad for the Olympic qualifiers has called on the Minister for Sport ‘to examine’ funding for the sport in Ireland.

Westport-based Councillor Brendan Mulroy is outraged that Moylette was denied a box-off with Dean Walsh, who defeated him in the National Elite final last December – and claims the popular Mayo puncher was mistreated as a result.

Walsh was picked to represent Ireland and try to secure a Rio berth in next week’s qualifiers after a training camp in Baku.

Mulroy told the Connaught Telegraph that “the minister needs to examine this situation. It is hard for a government to fund a sport that makes up and changes the rules as it goes along. It’s time for funding to be cut until they get their house in order.”

“The manner in which Ray Moylette has been treated is totally unfair. The sport is not transparent and that’s wrong.”

To question the funding of a Sport that nigh-on guarantees Olympic medals and has brought success and admiration to Ireland across the globe seems somewhat excessive.

It has also been argued that monitoring both over a training camp before making a selection was fairer than making a decision as to who would travel to the qualifier based on just nine minutes of action.


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