Man in a Hurry- Seanie Monaghan


Seanie Monaghan fights like a man in a hurry and that is because he is.

The Long Beach resident enters the ring to take people out of it and has an equally impatient view when it comes to his career.

The 30 year old beat Eric Watkins on points to further grow his reputation in The Garden and make it win number 13, and he hopes to make it 14-0 very soon.

Monaghan believes he is playing boxing catch up and he hopes to pull along side some of the bigger light heavyweight names very soon.

When asked if planned to keep busy Navan’s boxing favorite said,

“That’s the plan, I’m playing catch up. I don’t drink, I don’t do anything like that, I’m in the gym with my coach every day so why not fight every month?


As soon as possible, it’s up to my coaches and up to the promoters. I’m always ready, I’m always in shape – I’ll rest up for the weekend and probably be back in the gym on Monday,” Monaghan said before discussing his most recent win.
“Any experience is good – I think, if it went two more rounds with that guy, I don’t think he would take it. I thought the ref was going to stop it, I thought he did stop it at one time. I spun the guy and hit him with a right hand, he kind of fell to the ropes and the ref jumped in between us so I thought he was even calling it a knockdown or a stoppage so I walked away and the ref said ‘no, no keep fighting’”.

The light heavyweight puncher certainly impress all of his loyal support and made most ring side sit up and take note with a destructive and determined display.

The fighter himself, however felt he could have been a bit more effective over the six rounds.

“My team, my trainers and manager are telling me I looked great, but I felt that I could have looked a little bit better. I thought I was a little bit sloppy. The guy’s very aggressive; he came out swinging like a mad man at first so I just tried to get my rhythm. I found my rhythm later on, I was popping him real good with the jab. I thought I was going to stop him, but he just hung in there, tough. But every win is a good win, he’s a very tough kid and I got some good work in.”


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