Maloney and Peters lock horns

20 November 2008 – Cormac Campbell

The war of words between boxing promoters Brian Peters and Frank Maloney escalated on Thursday as the duo traded barbs over the prospect of a New Year EBU title fight between Rendall Munroe and Bernard Dunne.

Having issued a public offer of 60,000, Peters, who represents Dunne, also raised the stakes by proposing an additional side bet of 40,000 on the outcome of the contest.

“I am happy to offer Rendall Munroe in writing the sum of 60,000 for him to defend his European Super Bantamweight title against Bernard Dunne in Ireland,” he wrote.

“I will additionally offer a side-bet of 40,000.00 on the outcome of this bout payable to a charity of my nomination. Please come back to me as soon as possible in order that we might discuss and agree the terms and conditions of the fight such as dates, location, television etc.”

However, Maloney who looks after the interests of Englishman Munroe, told that he was nonplussed with Peters’ public approach.

“Has Brian Peters got a problem getting his name in the press or is he just becoming an egomaniac because I have dealt with small hall promoters and the premier promoters and yes they do use the press to draw attention or to force hands to make fights?” he asked.

“(But) To openly negotiate through the press shows lack of experience and ignorance, I see Brian has e-mailed me the press release and a letter of offer as Brian has decided to negotiate through the press and this forum. I will not lower myself to this level. I pride myself on being a professional and I do not need to see my name in the paper daily but tonight (Thursday) I am meeting with Team Munroe to discuss Brian’s open offer, which has changed three times.

“All I will say about the offer is anyone can place a letter with a figure on it, there is no date, venue or time when the fight will take place.

“If I am not mistaken did Dunne not get a nasty cut and will be out of action until March or April? If I am mistaken I am sure Brian will correct me.”

The war of words adds spice to Munroe’s Irish debut at DCU on December 18 in which he will face Italian Fabrizio Trotta.

The Munroe v Trotta card features the debut of Irish Olympic hero Darren Sutherland and Irish light middleweight champion Jamie Moore. Tickets are now available from priced from 50. Stay tuned to for updates.

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