Mayday Mayhem as David Ryan wins BUI light welterweight Celtic title after McGlynn mistakenly announced victor

Clare man David ‘The Machine’ Ryan won the BUI light welterweight Celtic title fight on points after he defeated Tony McGlynn in a pulsating encounter that ended in controversy.

Both fighters started with huge intensity and ferocity in the early exchanges at the Warehouse with the Dubliner landing the most eye-catching shots in round one.
Ryan and McGlynn exchanged big right hand shots during a frantic opening three minutes.

The second round began in a similar vein with both fighters trading eye-catching blows.

However, McGlynn gained the upper hand just 15 seconds into the second round when he landed a left and right combination to send Ryan hurtling to the canvas.

The Shannon man was up quickly and he responded incredibly well and landed a fantastic left hook on McGlynn as the momentum swung and he edged round three.

Ryan delivered some big shots as he proved he had fully recovered, but his determined opponent McGlynn also landed some neat jabs and rousing punches.

McGlynn landed three impressive shots one after the other to rock Ryan in the fourth round but Ryan, who showed remarkable durability, recovered well again.

The fight was now a very close contest with Ryan applying more pressure, however, McGlynn seemed to be having lots of success too.

The fifth round began with McGlynn landing a monster left hand shot that was followed by an impressive body shot.

However, Ryan did not appear hurt during these exchanges and he appeared to grow in confidence as the Dubliner began to slow down and tire.

Ryan was on top as the round concluded with some powerful shots that rocked McGlynn.

The Donaghmede fighter landed some brilliant punches at the start of the sixth round that hurt Ryan who now had a cut above his eye.

Both Ryan and McGlynn traded huge punches but the cut did not seem to affect the Clare native who, if anything, improved afterwards.

McGlynn who slowed down noticeably and faded as the fight progressed, did land some eye-catching uppercuts at the start of the seventh rounf as both fighters traded blows,

But Ryan responded and rallied once again with two huge punches to the body that shook the ailing Dubliner.

Ryan was well on top in the sixth, seventh and eighth rounds as his better conditioning came to the fore, but McGlynn was resolute and resilient and found his range with some piercing jabs.

Both fighters deserved significant credit for what was a wonderful fight full of skill and aggression and never-say-die spirit.

There was uproar and confusion at the end when McGlynn was announced as the winner on Emile Tiedt’s scorecard by 78 points to 73.

A beaming McGlynn celebrated and took the belt from the ring, however, Ryan’s team remained and seemed highly aggrieved and surprised.

There were arguments for up to 15 minutes and the BUI subsequently overturned the decision as it emerged Terry Kavanagh was handed the wrong scorecard and in fact the Clare man should have been the victor.

A surreal and controversial wrong decision was corrected and order was restored following a wonderfully absorbing fight.

Ryan is now set to face Senan Kelly next in what will be another highly anticipated and exciting bout, but it will hardly top this one for drama in every sense.