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“Malicious” document sent to all IABA members attacking Bernard Dunne and High Performance Unit

Both the IABA and Sport Ireland have hit out at a ‘document’ sent to every IABA member questioning the leadership of High-Performance Director Bernard Dunne and High Performance set up in general.

The Irish Times report a 19 point, 1500 word, ‘position paper’ was sent to the IABA members anonymously today.

The contents are said to be negative in tone and has no issue with suggesting former top pro Dunne is not the man for the job.

Indeed, it attacks Dunne’s leadership skills and even makes reference to his personality, before suggesting he should not be offered a new contract.

The timing of the ‘document’ and more news of in-house fighting is anything but ideal with both Olympic qualifiers and the Olympics themselves just months away.

IABA chief excutive Fergal Carruth claims to have no idea who drafted the scathing document and labelled it malicious.

“When asked, all of the board members said they did not know who drafted the document,” he told the Irish Times. “I would agree that it was malicious.

“The so-called position paper was not an official document. The board discussed the document. They agreed on the night they would totally disassociate themselves from that document.”

Sport Ireland, who help fund the High Performance Unit, were also unimpressed.

“Sport Ireland was not sent the document in question but is fully aware of its contents,” they said in a statement. “It is disappointing that it was given a wide circulation within boxing as it is unsigned and without merit.

“It has no positive intent and could only serve to undermine the efforts of the IABA in preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

Sport Ireland also backed Dunne who is under contract until 2023.

“Sport Ireland acknowledges the excellent work of the IABA’s HP Unit under the leadership of Bernard Dunne,” it said.

“We continue to provide every support to the HP squad and have total confidence in Bernard, the coaches, support staff and, of course, the exceptional boxers in the program.” has been made award of the document but has yet to see it in full. Some of the concerns centre around the engagement with club coaches, funding pathway, relationship with clubs, modernity oftraining style, long-debated selection policies, and Dunne’s own personal approach.

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