Maidana: Fight with McCloskey easily Maid.

By Jonny Stapleton

WBA world champion Marcos Maidana told Paul McCloskey to ‘tweet’ him if he beats Breidis Prescott on Saturday night so they can arrange a world title fight.

Prescott and McCloskey battle it out in a world title eliminator in the Odyssey Arena this weekend in a bid to move into world title and Maidana pole.

The Argentine has not only backed the Derry stylist to beat the Columbian, but is adamant a mega Maidana/McCloskey world title fight could be easily made.

El Chino revealed the pair nearly reached a fight agreement on Twitter earlier this year and stressed he and ’Dudey’ had already agreed to fight in the future.

Maidana’s comments prove the former European champion is on the verge of a second world title fight and his second tilt could take place on home soil, as the big punching South American claimed he was open to coming to Ireland to fight.

“With McCloskey it’s been a special situation as we met on Twitter and a fight between us was close to being made because of that. Rather than trash talking we respectfully said that we’d fight someday. If he wins on Saturday a fight between us can be made,” Maidana told Mirror Sport yesterday.

“I am used to fighting overseas and I know that I have many fans in Ireland. So I would have no problem defending my title in Ireland. First I will defend the title on September 23 in Argentina to stay busy. I’m confident I will win this fight and if Paul wins we can talk then.”

The fighter, who was promoted to world champion after Khan was afforded Super champ status has no preference as to who wins this weekend, but has backed McCloskey to shade the 50-50 bout.

“I would face anybody in the ring. I’ve proved that already. I have faced tough opponents like Kotelnik, Ortiz, Cayo, Khan and Morales in the last two years. I don’t mind who wins. McCloskey has a difficult style, very elusive. And Prescott is an aggressive fighter with long reach, so it’s an interesting match. But I go with Paul on this one.”

McCloskey, Prescott and Maidana all share two belt champ Amir Khan in common. All three also have issues with the fact the Golden Boy promoted star is on the pound for pound trail whilst he still has interesting yet individual history with the trio.

Despite enjoying the chance to land an indirect blow on Khan by recording victory over the only fighter to beat the Wild Card Gym resident this weekend, McCloskey is adamant Saturday’s fight is more about securing a world title tilt than any form of redemption.

Maidana, who claims Khan begged the WBA not to order a Maidana rematch, disagrees and believes both McCloskey and Prescott want a Khan return.

However, he has warned them both that the only way to get to the Freddie Roach star is through him.

“Paul’s fight with the Queen ended in controversy so he has a legitimate rematch claim.Prescott destroyed Khan so It should be Khan who should ask for that rematch and not the other way around. Either way I am most deserving of a rematch and if they want to fight him they have to beat me,” Maidana added before trying to prove Khan, who he has not so affectionately labelled ’Queen’ rather than ’King’ is running scared.

“The WBA ordered the rematch to take place before September 11, 2011 but the Queen requested the WBA to reconsider in order to allow him to face an old and washed Judah. In fact the Queen begged the WBA on his knees to protect him from fighting me again. The petition is written so he cannot deny it. The Queen can say all he wants but people already knows he is a big liar who’s always making things up and looking for excuses. Real champions have no fears. For instance, last April I beat Morales in a close and good fight so I’d love to get in the ring with him again to prove that I can beat him easier the second time around and leave no doubts to anybody. That’s how it should work.”

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