Macklin plays Wildcard

8 July 2010 – Press Release

Former European Middleweight Champion Matthew Macklin says working at Freddie Roach’s gym will help him in his fight against Darren Barker.

Macklin will face his big London rival on September 18 at the LG Arena in Birmingham. But the Brummie will do much of his preparation thousands of miles away at the world famous Wild Card Gym in LA. He’s just one of many fighters who have turned to top coach Roach for help down the years.

“Going to Freddie’s has helped me become a better fighter,” said Macklin.

“I wouldn’t want to put a figure on it, but when I was preparing for my last fight (Macklin was ruled out with a broken nose) I’d never felt in better shape and that was about five weeks before I was due in the ring.

“The sparring out there is fantastic.

“Over here you can pay guys good money, but they try and look after themselves, and unless the are training for a fight, they’re not necessarily in the best shape.

“But at Freddie’s everyone is hungry, everyone has a fight on the horizon, and it makes a difference when you spar.

“You know when you get in the ring you have left no stone unturned. I’m going to have had the best sparring possible for the Barker fight, and that’s going to make a hell of a difference. The European title is coming back to Birmingham.”

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