Macklin could target Mayweather according to Peters

By Jonny Stapleton in New York

Brian Peters claims if ‘Mack the Knife‘ can make it here in New York tonight he can make it anywhere. Indeed despite claiming tonight’s mega bout ‘is as good as it gets’ the Meath man believes victory will open the door to massive fights down the line. Indeed Macklin’s manager and the co promoter of the Up Your Irish card even named dropped the Floyd Mayweather as a potential future opponent.

“Matthew deserves his shot at the best middleweight in the world title. There is hope Sergio is 37. He believes he belongs here and it is just to prove it to the world now. Sergio may not be known in Ireland for people to appreciate how big fight this is, but it is massive. The world is our oyster if he wins. Why not Mayweather? Andy Lee is an option any fight he wants is possible. The key is to get onto the elite HBO list, which is a very special list to get on, then there is many fights out there. We are here to win and Matthew is a million percent confident,” Peters explained.

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