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Low Blows: Sugar Sean McComb

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The fourth and final Belfast Boy takes the Low Blows challenge today, and it is a sterling effort from St James’s light welterweight Sean McComb

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Q: Hardest Trainer?
A: That goes to magic Mick Conlan. Him and Paddy Barnes would do a full session in the High Performance and then finish off with their own weight loss session that lasted about 40 minutes. I was f*cked after the first session, never mind doing any extra!

Q: Biggest Moaner?
A: Big Con Sheehan for certain. He complained about us doing running one day so they brought us up to play Gaelic Football in the park and, because you have to run in Gaelic, Con kicked the ball away and told Billy Walsh to f*ck off before heading back to the Stadium!

Q: Funniest?
A: There are a few funny ones. Kurt Walker and Joe Ward, on stupidity. I gave Joe a good compliment at the World Championships saying “Joe you’re in some shape, you’d think you hadn’t had a carb in four years” and he replied “you think you’re a funny man, I’ve had more carbs than you’ve ever had!”

Q: Biggest Ladies’ Man?
A: That goes to Conor Wallace, the brute. He goes away and spars McGregor for six weeks and comes back like a superstar with women hanging off him.

Q: Most Intelligent?
A: There are not much intelligent boxers in Ireland believe it or not, but there are a few that came out with degrees and great jobs. Eric Donovan and Mark O’Hara have great CVs I’d say.

Q: Least Intelligent?
A: A toss up between Joe Ward and Kurt Walker, both as thick as two short planks.

Q: Biggest Puncher?
A: A tough one because when I turned senior and grew into a 60kg boxer I felt not much shots would hurt me – although Mick Conlan hits crisp in sparring. Eric Donovan and John Joe Nevin are probably the two hardest I’ve fought, but I’m not sure if it’s because I was young, but still, two solid punchers.

Q: Most Naturally Talented?
A: I would say most talented is Mick Conlan, but he trains hard to match his talent, so I’ll go with Michael O’Reilly. He’s never been taught because he doesn’t train and was still European Games champion and World bronze medalist! If only he trained he would be a World champion too!

Q: Cheapest?
A: There’s three in the mix here, Davey Oliver Joyce, Ray Moylette, and Joe Ward – the three with the most money and they wouldn’t spend Christmas. We’d play cards the odd time for €1 a game and it broke their hearts having to pay in.

Q: Worst Dancer?
A: Paddy Barnes is without doubt the worst dancer I’ve ever witnessed, he just tries to copy everything I do. Then you have Michael O’Reilly who just shadow boxes, and Dean Walsh thinks he’s Chris Brown with his shoulder popping!

Q: Worst Dress Sense?
A: Definitely Hughie Myers and Myles Casey. They’d share one pair of socks between them in Dublin for the week! The smell set the fire alarms off one time.

Q: Biggest Messer?
A: Roy Sheahan. We would have a serious meeting with all the boxers and coaches and halfway through it Roy would let out a fart and go into hysterics laughing at himself!

Joe O'Neill

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