Lee Lining Cesar Chavez JNr.

BY Jonny Stapleton

A fight with Sergio Martinez may have slipped from his grasp, but Limerick’s Andy Lee could get the number one consolation prize, as Lou DiBella is trying to secure him a shot with WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr.

Kronk fighter, Lee went head to head with fellow Irish middleweight Matthew Macklin in a in a race to face the best in the division, Martinez, but  lost out as DiBella opted to  put ‘Mack The Knife’ in with the Argentine.

However, the former Olympian’s disappointment will be eased by the news his promoter is trying to secure him a shot at the most beatable champion in the division, Chavez Jnr.

Lee has continually expressed his desire to fight the son of Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez, but confidently predicted Bob Arum would never risk Top Ranks cash cow against the talented Irish southpaw.

Chavez Jnr, who fought both John Duddy and Oisin Fagan, has improved under the tutelage of Freddie Roach and it seems his team are confident he is ready to add a third Irish victim to his not so impressive CV.

“Andy will be on the Irish card we have planed for March 17 unless another big fight get finalised over the next week or two. I have meetings scheduled with  Bob Arum re a fight myself, Andy and Manny Steward are hot to make. We are trying to make Chavez Junior and Andy Lee,” DiBella explained.

“If I can get Andy Lee a shot at Chavez I think it is an incredibly winnable for Andy. I am sure it will be a  blood and guts war as their styles match . Andy and Chavez Jr. both have  skills, Andy’s skills are greater though. Both like to tear it up too much for own good at times, but it would be a barn burner. I would love to deliver that fight to  Andy and give an opportunity  win a world title and set him up for a clash with winner Martinez Macklin.”

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