WBF lauch their version of the Celtic Title

The World Boxing Federation has announced the creation of a regional European title which will pique the interest of boxers, and fans worldwide, as the new WBF Gaelic/Celtic Championships will be open to any boxer from a Gaelic or Celtic nation or heritage.

Of course, the six original Celtic nations are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man, however Gaelic people also have roots in parts of Spain, Portugal, France and Nova Scotia. In any case, regardless of citizenship, Gaelic and Celtic parentage is the mark of eligibility for these titles, which are about to start by January 1, 2012.

Credit for the creation of these championships goes to new WBF Irish Republic Representative David Walshe, who reasons:

“The criteria to qualify for an Irish title restricts many non-Irish-based boxers the opportunity to fight for what is seen in their eyes as a very important title because of their Irish lineage. The WBF Gaelic Celtic Championships, however, includes hundreds of boxers all over the world and gives them a chance to box for an Irish-connected title.”


WBF European Coordinator Olaf Schroeder, backed with the support of WBF President Howard Goldberg and WBF Vice President Jean Marcel Nartz, is happy for the World Boxing Federation to fill this gap and be the leading sanctioning organization in this area.


“David (Walshe) and myself believe that our Gaelic/Celtic titles will soon become a serious challenger to the Commonwealth belts, because the quality of boxers eligible is of a much higher standard,” Schroeder said, “and thus provide a direct path to a shot at the WBF world title.”


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