Kenny Egan Book Launch

No trouble with the ladies!

Kenneth Egan,  one of the most talented and controversial boxers of his generation, is launching Kenny Egan : My Story tomorrow Monday, 14th November in Krystle Night Club, Russell Court Hotel, Dublin 2.  The autobiography penned by Ewan MacKenna is published by Paperweight Publications.


Kenny announced on RTE’s Saturday Night Show that he is currently training hard for the Senior National Championships and European Champions with the hope of qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics at Light Heavyweight, having chosen to step back down from Heavyweight.


Dubliner Kenneth, or ‘Kenny’ as he became known, famously captured a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.   Undoubtedly the high point of his sporting career, his brilliant achievement also signalled a major turning point in his life.


In his honest new autobiography, Kenny Egan: My Story he tells the tale of not only his gruelling and unlikely journey to the top, but also the dramatic downward spiral which followed his
success in China.


Kenneth Egan has played a major part in the success story of Irish boxing over the past decade.  After endearing himself to the nation in the ring, Kenneth chronicles how his new-found fame brought him to the brink as drink-fuelled binges, womanising and reckless decisions threatened to destroy his career, his legacy and his family.


Throughout his journey Kenneth has had many highs and many lows, and every part of his character has been challenged.   He has come out the other side a better person, and he continues to battle with his demons on a daily basis.


In Kenny’s autobiography you will see the real Kenneth Egan: the professional, the dedicated achieving athlete who is first in the gym and last to leave.  You will see a guy who, when he lost, would be the first person to put right his mistakes.  You also will see a fun-loving, sometimes naïve person who struggled to cope with the fame and adulation following his success in Beijing and how it nearly ruined his life.


Kenneth Egan has turned his life around, taking himself from heading to the gutter to remaining as one of the top athletes in Ireland and giving himself a chance to qualify for the London Olympic Games.     Now in AA and on the road to recovery, Kenny Egan : My Story chronicles the rise and fall of one of Ireland’s best-known sportsmen, the triumph and the torture, and the two sides to the glory he spent a lifetime trying to achieve.


Kenny Egan’s autobiography “Kenny Egan – My Story” will be available from all good book shops nationwide priced €12.99 and online from from Saturday, 12th November.

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