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Keane McMahon targets BUI Celtic champ Jay Byrne following knockout win

Believing he is the best welterweight in Ireland isn’t enough for Keane McMahon, the Dubliner wants everyone else to know he is the 147 pound Irish king.

‘The Iceman’ stepped it up in terms of level of opponent and rounds on the ‘Celtic Clash 6’ card on Saturday to register a first knockout win and hopes the manner of the victory will get people noticing his talent.

24 today, McMahon hasn’t put a foot wrong in the ring since turning over and extended his unbeaten start to four with the victory over Jade Karam at Good Counsel GAA Club but, while he believes he has earned the respect of the boxing purists, he feels the more general fan haven’t paid enough heed to his progression.

That is something the Inner City fighter wants to change, and he believes knockouts and titles will put his name on the wider boxing public’s lips.

McMahon managed the knockout he wanted on Saturday but, as per phase two of the plan, he wants a title, preferably Jay Byrne’s BUI Celtic welterweight strap.

“Look you know what it is people who know boxing look at me and know I am a good fighter, but the casual fan wants to see people getting banjoed before they get excited about you,” McMahon told Irish-Boxing.com following his win.

“That’s why you get the hype around [Lewis] Crocker and the likes and good look to them. Tonight I said to myself ‘I am going to stop Jade and get people talking’.”

“The goal was to stop him I wasn’t going six rounds tonight, not a chance.”

Having had a six rounder, McMahon is now looking for title and more high profile fights.

“I want to fight the best. I am ready for whoever wants it, lets fight.”

“I believe I am the the best welterweight in Ireland. I don’t care what people think of me saying that, I believe it. Crocker is a knockout artist, but I’ll outbox him.”

“I want those fights. I want to fight for the BUI titles. Jay Byrne has the title so one more six and I would love to fight him. Look Jay is a gent and I have respect for him but he has the title and I want it,” he added before reflecting on the stoppage and the challenge that Karam brings.

“Other than [Rohan] Daté, who has fought him after four fights with a winning record. Jade isn’t a journeyman, he is a good challenge and I am happy with how I performed against him.

“He comes in drops his head and throws the right hand, so we were practicing catching them and coming straight back down the middle, but he was taking them.”

“I caught him flush on the chin and I said ‘this fella’s not going down’. So I went to the body and the left hook to the body done him. People look at me and think because I am tall I will go on the backfoot and box, but asking anyone who spars me I bang to the body.”

“The left hook to the body is my signature punch and as soon as I landed it right tonight I knew I hurt him. I think they were smart in taking him out. I know he is a tough lad, but I think they made the right decision.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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