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Irish-Boxing.com will be ringside tonight at Good Counsel GAA Club in Drimnagh for the ‘Celtic Clash 6’ card.

Just inches from the action, we will be posting live updates throughout the night which will appear below.

At the bottom of the page are the highlights of our coverage over the past week as well as the running order for the night.

Keep refreshing the page for updates to appear

11:08pm – We go to the cards and it’s a unanimous decision: 79-74 77-74 78-75 to CARL MCDONALD. The new BUI Celtic featherweight champion.

Round 8 – O’Donovan, somehow, is piling it on and pushing McDonald back, hurting the Tallaght boxer with a straight left hand. McDonald using his skills to try keep O’Donovan at bay as he comes forward until the bell.

Round 7 – McDonald is tiring and starting to take more shots as O’Donovan comes on strong before the Dubliner summons a massive bodyshot inside that sends O’Donovan down. The Cork fighter is up but hurt, employing a cross arm defence now as we go into the final round with McDonald seemingly in control.

Round 6 – Strong start to the round from O’Donovan who stages something of a comeback but McDonald is landing regularly with the right hand. Lots of very close rounds so far. Will be interesting o see the cards.

Round 5 – McDonald the busier but O’Donovan is doing good work on the inside and lands one particularly huge uppercut.

Round 4 – O’Donovan’s pace slows in the fourth and this is suiting McDonald who landed the more quality work in this stanza.

Round 3 – Carl McDonald is driving Colin O’Donovan back! Serious grit from the Jobstown little man. O’Donovan’s southpaw left looks dangerous, however, and the pair trade heavy shots in the corner.

Round 2 – O’Donovan’s strength is starting to tell as he drives McDonald to the ropes and unloads some hurtful looking bodyshots. McDonald responds with some sharp shots inside but this type of fight does not suit him at all.

Round 1 – Noticeable size difference here in favour of O’Donovan but it is the nippy McDonald who takes the opener. Circling and staying out of danger, ‘The Cobra’ landed the few eye-catching punches in a cagey opener.

10:28pm – It’s time for the main event! Carl McDonald v Colin O’Donovan for the BUI Celtic featherweight title

10:24pm – 58-57 – very close on the cards and, after a delay, Joyce is confirmed the winner. Tight one.

Round 6 – Joyce tiring in the closer but he’s boxing smartly, flicking out the jab and staying out of trouble before going toe-to-toe in the final seconds.

Round 5 – This is great matchmaking. A good run-out and some much-needed rounds for Joyce while still being very entertaining. Another close quarters round won by Joyce without ever being massively dominant.

Round 4 – Emilov is putting on the pressure and Joyce is never one to say no to trading but is showing some skills too, jabbing well and unleashing one tasty uppercut in particular.

Round 3 – Joyce taking a more patient approach in the third and it pays dividends as he hurts Emilov with a one-two at the close.

Round 2 – It’s furious stuff here from both. Joyce is the busier but Emilov is keeping him honest and landing more than his fair share.

Round 1 – After an epic ringwalk featuring an LED mask, John Joyce gets to work, trading shots with Emilov. The Lucan fighter is the stronger in the exchanges but Emilov, who is in great shape, looks here to stay.

9:54pm – Fight #10 – our second last bout – John Joyce v the very durable and dangerous Angel Emilov over six at welterweight

9:52pm – Big heart from Karam but that’s a classy and destructive performance from Keane McMahon who moves to 4(1)-0.

Round 3 – Left hook to the body keels over Karam, McMahon rushes in and sends him down with a flurry upstairs. He makes the count – just. The assault continues from McMahon, Karam digs in, swings, somehow stays up, but the towel comes in – TKO MCMAHON!

Round 2 – A bit more success for Karam and his wild swings in the second, clipping McMahon a few times but the Dubliner is still on top and countering well with right hands.

Round 1 – FAST start from McMahon who is lighting up the South African but Karam keeps lunging forward. Will be interesting to see if ‘The Iceman’ can keep this pace.

9:37pm – Fight #9 – Keane McMahon v Jade Karam over six rounds at welter.

9:35pm – Donovan takes the mic to thank the crowd and give an impassioned defence of Dublin boxing. Good man, Eric!

9:34pm – And it is, 40-36 to Donovan who moves to 8(4)-0 and is now eligible for the European rankings.

Round 4 – Donovan coasting here, ups it a bit in the final 30 but it will be a 40-36 win on the cards.

Round 3 – More combinations from Donovan in the third. It’s one-way traffic here but there is a definite sense that he is holding back.

Round 2 – Donovan steps it up in the second. Still very right hand happy before seemingly making a conscious decision to mix in the left with a bit of weight in the final thirty seconds.

Round 1 – Donovan is tentative with the southpaw left, only tapping it out a few times, but hurts Dimitrov with a right hook to the body. The Kildare feather can end this when he wants to as we enter the second.

9:14pm – Fight #8 – Eric Donovan v Samuil Dimitrov. The return of Lilywhite Lightning following a fractured finger. Just a four rounder here to test the tools.

9:11pm – 40-37 in favour of Graham McCormack, his best display yet and he moves to 3-0.

Round 4 – McCormack at distance again before he is caught and indulges in a bit of toe-to-toe, eventually sending Mitev reeling into the ropes. He can’t get the Bulgarian out of there, though, and we go to the cards. Good performance.

Round 3 – McCormack circling and rattling out effective straight shots. Catches an off-balance Mitev inside and down the Bulgarian goes. Only a flash knockdown but they all count on the cards.

Round 2 – McCormack is enjoying himself in there, starting to throw nice hooked combinations and jolting Mitev once or twice – can’t afford to take his eye off the ball.

Round 1 – Mitev tears into McCormack from the opening bell. The Treaty southpaw eventually establishes his range, nice long shots but Mitev is dangerous in close.

8:52pm – Fight #7 – Graham McCormack v Radoslav Mitev over four at light middleweight. Huge crowd from Limerick, Johnny Cash for his walk-in, what an atmosphere here at Good Counsel.

8:50pm – Metcalfe gets it! 40-38 – two drawn rounds.

Round 4 – Lots of pressure from Rogowski, some classy spurts from Metcalfe, they go toe-to-toe for the final ten. This one could go either way.

Round 3 – BIG round for Rogowski who is pushing Metcalfe back and landing lots on the ropes and in the clinches. This final round could be crucial. Aiden needs a big one.

Round 2 – The ref warns both at the start and Metcalfe begins to take control, landing some quality right hands. Rogowski is still bulling forward, not always legally, and gets another warning from the man in the middle.

Round 1 – Oooft this one is spicy. Scrappy stuff but lots of work in the clinch, both complaining to the ref, plenty of pushing, Rogowski lands one after the bell, Team Metcalfe did not like that.

8:30pm – Fight #6 – Aiden Metcalfe v Krystzof Rogowski over four at super featherweight. Metcalfe hasn’t fought since September after undergoing nose surgery to fix a long-term injury.

8:27pm – Too easy for O’Connor who seemed to take little joy from that. Wants big fights soon and needs a step-up, perhaps he could challenge for McAfee’s BUI Celtic title?

Round 1 – Stefanov comes out firing but is very mess. O’Connor walks him on to a shot to the body, DOWN GOES TO THE BULGARIAN. The mouthpiece is out, he just about makes it. O’Connor attacks, Stefanov down to the body again, up quickly but ‘Nasty Niall’ ends it with a right hand upstairs that flattens Stefanov. Huge KO.

8:20pm – Fight #5 – Niall O’Connor v Stefyan Stefanov over six at lightweight.

8:18pm – 59-54 for Stephen McAfee and the BUI Celtic super featherweight champion moves to 4(2)-0-1 – Irish title next?

Round 6 – Both are tired now, McAfee pushing the action though as he closes out what will surely be another win on his record.

Round 5 – McAfee very busy and showing plenty of improvements and little tricks but the fifth is Lawniczak’s best round thus far, lands two left hooks that definitely affect the Sallynoggin man.

Round 4 – Better fourth – that McAfee left hook to the body is a weapon but Lawniczak is landing plenty of sneaky shots. Bit of play-acting from both. Another very entertaining fight.

Round 3 – Scrappier round. Lawniczak smothering McAfee’s attacks somewhat.

Round 2 – McAfee is sinking in those body shots and is bothering Lawniczak but he is very loose and is taking a few too many left hooks upstairs. Still a home round though.

Round 1   Lawniczak, as always, is here to fight and sneaks in a few hooks at the start. McAfee is snapped awake though and starts targeting the body, cracks in a left hook and the Polish veteran is DOWN. Up at eight and uses all his nous to see out the round.

7:49pm – Fight #4 – Stephen McAfee v Damian Lawniczak over six at super featherweight.

7:40pm – It’s Rabei’s! 78-75, 78-75, 77-75 unanimous decision. Kelly takes the belt and presents it to his opponent. Class touch.

Round 8 – Toe-to-toe for most of the round, quite scrappy. Two huge right hands from Rabei, lots of good work on the ropes from Kelly, they go to war for the final 30, great atmosphere. We go to the cards, a lot of rounds up for debate. What a fight.

Round 7 – Kelly’s thudding shots are pushing Rabei around the ring but the Moldova-born fighter can miss with eye-catching right hands in the second half which probably sneak it for him.

Round 6 – Kelly. Keeps. Coming. Marching down Rabei whose output has dropped but he is picking quality right hands that are affecting Kelly. 

Round 5 – Closer, and a lot of pressure from Kelly, but the quality shots are coming from Rabei – will he tire going into the final three?

Round 4 – Quieter to start, Rabei trying to box and walking Kelly onto shots. ‘Little Sexy’ still pushing forward, ships a meaty body shot. WOW – Rabei with two of the cleanest right hands you’ll ever see, how in God’s name is Kelly still standing? Keeps coming, but there seems to be less on his punches.

Round 3 – Rabei again much the sharper to start but Kelly knocks his head back with two left hooks, closing the distance well. THEY GO TOE-TO-TOE IN THE CORNER. Both land, then Kelly again later with the left hook. Cracking scrap.

Round 2 – BIG uppercut to start the round from Rabei, Kelly’s mouth is bloodied but he keeps coming. Another HUGE uppercut from Rabei but Kelly pushes him back and is having success on the ropes.

Round 1 – Fireworks already! Strong start from Rabei, so much quicker, landing hard shots. Kelly, always in the crouch, keeps coming, lands a left hook as Rabei clips in an uppercut. Kelly, taking lots, eventually gets him to the corner, starts unloading shots, Rabei drops his hands, takes a couple of heavy punches, Rabei smirks. Great opener

7:00pm – Ready to go now, Rabei the boxer who is promising to fight, Kelly the big puncher stepping up in weight, small ring at Good Counsel. This will be a WAR.

6:50pm – Slight change to the running order, Victor Rabei v Karl Kelly for the vacant BUI Celtic light welter title is NEXT.

6:48pm – The final card is 59-56 to DYLAN MCDONAGH who moves to 3-0. Good card.

Round 6  Fantastic finish from ‘The Firecracker’, cracking in left hooks and circling to see out the fight, has learnt A LOT tonight.

Round 5 – McDonagh is hurt at the end of the fifth but fights back, lands a big left, the crowd go wild.

Round 4 – McDonagh fighting nice off the backfoot at the start of the second but Georgiev drags him into a war as the round goes on. Into uncharted territory now.

Round 3 – Georgiev has McDonagh slightly bothered at the start of the round but the Tallaght fighter comes back strong, proper slugfest now.

Round 2 – McDonagh rushes in for the finish but Georgiev is game and fights back towards the end of the round. Good fight this.

Round 1 – Fast start from McDonagh, lovely left hooks to the body and big overhand rights that are shaking Georgiev. BIG right hand in the closing ten, Georgiev almost goes down, saved by the bell.

6:19pm – Fight #2 – a tough one for Jobstown bantamweight Dylan McDonagh who steps up to 6 rounds against the very dangerous Georgei Georgiev who has troubled and even upset some prospects in the past.

6:17pm – What a finish that was from Cooke who forgot his shorts this evening and is wearing Bulgarian journeyman Radoslav Mitev’s!

Round 2  Right hands bothering Kucharski, DOWN HE GOES, up unsteadily, Cooke goes in for the finish, uppercut inside LIGHTS OUT, what a knockout from Conor Cooke.

Round 1 – Composed start from Cooke, stalking Kurcharski and stiffening the southpaw’s legs with some straight rights.

6:08pm – Here we go! Conor Cooke v Pawel Kucharski over four at light heavy.

5:22pm – We are at Good Counsel and ready to go, doors open, fighters here, first bell in about 30 minutes.

All You Need To Know About Celtic Clash 6

There are 11 fights in total on the card. Click here for the full RUNNING ORDER.

Over the past week, Irish-Boxing.com have interviewed all the Irish fighters on the bill and you can read these by clicking on the names below:

Carl McDonald

Colin O’Donovan

Victor Rabei

Karl Kelly

Eric Donovan

Keane McMahon

Jade Karam

John Joyce

Stephen McAfee

Aiden Metcalfe

Dylan McDonagh

Graham McCormack

Niall O’Connor

Conor Cooke

There are two title fights on the bill, with Carl McDonald and Colin O’Donovan fighting for the featherweight BUI Celtic title and Victor Rabei and Karl Kelly fighting for the light welterweight equivalent.

Information on the opponents for what is a very well-matched card can be read here.


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