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Katie Taylor Warns Against Denying Kids an Olympic Boxing Dream

Boxing’s exclusion from the 2028 Olympics is a nightmare scenario that will rob young kids of their first boxing dream warns Katie Taylor.

Indeed, if the sweet science were to be denied an Olympic platform the sport as a whole would suffer greatly fears the Olympic gold medal winner.

As things stand boxing isn’t part of the curriculum for the LA Games after the International Olympic Committee expressed concerns with the governance of the sport.

The IOC along with a breakaway group of countries have made moves to exclude the IBA and thus rescue boxing from the Olympic scrap heap but concerns still remain.

The trailblazer, who is the main reason women are allowed to box at the Games, hopes a solution can be found and believes boxing would suffer massively if it was no longer an Olympic sport.

“With the Olympics, it’s a huge blow for boxing in general,” Taylor said when speaking to media on Wednesday, 10 days out from her massive undisputed light welterweight world title fight with Chantelle Cameron.

“Ever since I was a kid my dream was to win an Olympic gold medal – that is all I dreamt of. It is quite sad if it does go out of the Olympic Games. Kids will grow up without that dream.

“I think it would be a huge blow to even professional boxing because the biggest incentive for boxers is the Olympics – and if you don’t have that it might put a lot of people off the sport.

“I think this could be a big blow to the sport as a whole. So, I hope they can sort out their issues because the Olympics is a huge part of boxing.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years