John Hutchinson ready for action after eye-opening time in Bangkok

John Hutchinson‘s Asian adventure properly begins tomorrow morning in Bangkok.

The Donegal light middleweight has been out on the Thai island of Phuket the past month, but has this week travelled north to the capital and will fight for the first time tomorrow on a major televised show.

While he has spent plenty of time in South East Asia, even Hutchinson [7(1)-2(0)-2] admits that fight week has been a bit of a shock to the system.

“Coming to Bangkok has been a eye opener,” the 30 year old explained to

“I got spoiled in Phuket, most people speak English, but when you come to outskirts of Bangkok nobody speaks English here. So it’s been an adventure!”

The MTK fighter has relocated to Thailand for the foreseeable future, and his first fight comes relatively soon into the switch. Hutchinson outlined how “it’s been a short and sweet camp. Thanks to Unit 27 Phuket Conditioning Gym, got me in great shape coming here so I’m fresh fit and ready.”

“This last week I’ve been in training camp in Bangkok down a back street. Nothing around but a old school gym. I’m the only foreigner around here so it’s been a real eye opener. It’s been tough and has gotten me physically and mentally ready. These lads are complete machines the way the train, did some serious sessions and had great sparring – I’m well ready for 6 rounder.”

This six-rounder comes against the fantastically named Watjana Lionhead Boxing [0-1(1)]. While it looks to be a gentle introduction, ‘The Buncrana Banger’ has spent too much time recently around Thai fighters to take him for granted and described how “my opponent is from a Muay Thai background and had about 200 Muay Thai fights they were saying to me. He’s had one boxing fight – against a lad that’s boxing for a WBA title on this show – and lost to him. I expect him to be tough and come have a go!”

John Hutchinson’s fight can be watched through the following link tomorrow (Wednesday 25th January) at 7am (Irish time).

Joe O'Neill

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