Jake Paul’s done the math and thinks he can beat Tommy Fury

We are indeed living in strange times as far as boxing is concerned, and the news that Tommy Fury is close to agreeing on a deal with Jake Paul will do nothing to dispel this notion. Tommy, the younger brother to prolific heavyweight Tyson, has made it clear that he will sign any contract that Paul offers him, citing the benefits of exposure and of course money as his reasons for doing so.

In fact, Fury’s actual wording was “all I see for that fight is easy money against an idiot.” Now, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Fury in terms of smack talk as he tries to goad Paul into the ring. This time though, there seems to be a lot more substance to the back and forth between the two boxers as legendary promoter Frank Warren, who represents Fury, has confirmed that both parties are in talks to make this fight a reality.

Paul fights a retired wrestler to prove he’s a boxer

This news will naturally be music to the ears of boxing fans the world over who seem to be baying for Jake Paul’s blood after the YouTuber gate-crashed the world of boxing. Indeed, Paul’s confrontational manner has done enough to get under the skin of fight fans who question how legitimate the 24-year-old’s presence in the boxing ring really is. Indeed, scepticism is still aplenty given that not as many questions were answered as Paul might have liked after his farcical showdown with Ben Asken at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The YouTuber managed to stop Askren in the first round, but that result has done little to change the narrative around Paul. Most fight fans point to Askren’s wrestling background and the fact that the 36-year-old retired UFC fighter hasn’t ever thrown a punch in his life. In reality, Askren’s skills are on the mat and not upright going toe to toe with another boxer. This is, of course, something that Paul and his team knew all too well when they offered Askren the chance to fight.

The American has been incredibly shrewd when picking his opponents as he tries to build a record that earns him the respect of fight fans. Having fought an ex-basketball player and a fellow YouTuber, Paul knew he needed to up the ante and fight someone who had made a living from a combat sport. Despite his best efforts and all the scheming behind the scenes, that idea hasn’t gone according to plan, which leaves Paul with only one other option now, the 24-year-old needs to fight a professional boxer for once.

The YouTuber and his team have weighed up every possible opponent and have decided that Tommy Fury is the best chance they’ve got to remain undefeated. Have they underestimated the man whose family originates from Tuam, Ireland? Granted, Fury may not be at the standard of his brother Tyson, who regularly turns in perfect performances without seemingly breaking a sweat, as this fight report from irish-boxing.com illustrates, but he does hail from boxing royalty. Has Paul miscalculated the threat from Fury?

Has Paul misjudged Tommy Fury?

The latest odds from around the world suggest he has. Indeed, bookmakers from every part of the globe seem to be unanimous in their agreement with Fury priced at a mere 1.62 to beat Jake Paul. For those in the dark about what that means regarding the fight and who require a bit more help understanding boxing betting odds, simply visit asiabet.org. Here, an explanation of decimal odds and a breakdown of how much the bookmaker will return after a winning bet comes in is provided in detail. Similarly, punters will also be given a list of advantages of betting on boxing online, which will help understand the landscape more when this fight is eventually announced.

Of course, when the contract has been signed and the fight announced, the fervent hope among boxing fans from the Emerald Isle to Australia is that the Jake Paul circus is finally brought to an end. There is very little appetite to see any more exhibition matches and supporters have made their feelings abundantly clear; enough is enough.

Tommy Fury will be tasked with being the first professional boxer to begin chasing these fly-by-night YouTubers out of the industry. To ensure that this is the last the world sees of the content makers in the ring, Fury’s way of victory must come via brutal knockout. Anything that is left to the judges after 12 rounds could leave the door ajar for Paul to wangle his way to another fight which will undoubtedly prolong the YouTube roadshow


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