Jackal bites back at claims Frampton/Martinez is made

By Jonny Stapleton

Carl Frampton claims he has yet to be approached about a potential European title fight with Kiko Martinez.

The EBU claimed yesterday that Martinez and Commonwealth champion Frampton were in talks re a mouth watering December 17 continental collision and reports of a rescheduled fight between the pair were rife.

However, the undefeated 24 year old talent revealed neither he nor his manager the legendary Barry McGuigan have been contacted about the super bantamweight bout.

Frampton claims the first he heard of the match up was a report it was made on the radio and feels like Team Martinez are trying to force his hand.

The Jackal, who was initially scheduled to fight the Spaniard on the September 10 ‘Homecoming’ show, believes Team Martinez want to jump on the back of Frampton’s ticket selling potential.


The ‘Belfast Boy’ did stress he would like the fight, but only on his terms and claims if  Martinez does enter the ring with Frampton he will never want to return to Belfast again.


“I heard about the fight  on the radio but it was news to me,” Frampton said.


“It would be nice to get the fight but it would also be nice for someone to tell me about it. Neither me nor my manager Barry McGuigan have been approached by anyone about a fight on 17 December at the King’s Hall. It seems that people are trying to make fight without me knowing anything about it. It’s just not very professional. I’m the Commonwealth champion and now have a bit of clout. We don’t have to listen to peoples’ demands and fight them on their terms. We have a bit say in things now. He doesn’t sell many tickets in Spain and his manager is Irish. They want him to come over here to box a fighter who does sell tickets and to make some money. If it does happen, it will be the last time he wants to come back to Belfast.”

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