It’s Tyson Time

June 22 Hennessy Sports Press Release

TYSON Fury says he is more than ready for his moment of truth against British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Dereck Chisora on Saturday night at Wembley Arena.

The 6ft 9′ Mancunian, with Irish ancestory, has come in for some criticism for how outspoken he has been leading up to his clash but unbeaten Fury says he will back up the talk and claim the titles he has always wanted.

It is by far Fury’s biggest test and he is aware that some may feel it has come a bit too soon but the 22-year-old has no doubt he will produce a performance to remember.

“I’m in the shape of my life for the fight of my life and Dereck Chisora won’t know what hits him on Saturday night,” said Fury.

“I don’t care if I knock him out early or whether I have to go into the trenches, the titles are mine and Dereck knows it. He’s going to freak out when he sees the condition I’m in. I’ve done my talking and now it’s time for action.

” I’ve had some great sparring with a Canadian that we brought in and I know that this is my time, this is Tyson time and on Saturday night everybody watching Channel 5 and everybody watching in Wembley Arena will see it.

“I am the future of British heavyweight boxing, I’m the man who can bring the World title back to Britain. David Haye has lost it apparently because of a sore toe, well I’ll bring it home again.”

Fury’s promoter Mick Hennessy is adamant that the public will wake up to the talent of Fury and get behind him after he takes the titles from Zimbabwe-born Chisora.

Hennessy said: “Tyson is a special talent. He fears nobody, he has the natural strength and he has the skills to become a real star of the heavyweight division.

“Chisora is a dangerous opponent and we respect him as the champion but I am very confident that Tyson Fury will begin a journey to the top of the heavyweight division on Saturday night.”

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