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It’s not a myth – Sutcliffe Jr’s power is explosive suggests Sutcliffe Snr

Such are the gym stories of Phillip Sutcliffe Jr’s punch power that some could be forgiven for thinking that they have grown legs and entered the realm of fairytales.

The ‘Succo Punch’ is almost a thing of Irish boxing folklore, this almost mythical Sampson-style power that enables a light welterweight to hurt super middles.

Phillip Sutcliffe

All nine of Sutcliffe’s pro opponents will testify that the former Senior Champion packs a punch and admit that the talk of great power is all fact and no fiction. Indeed, all nine have kissed the canvas at some stage although three did manage to survive to the final bell against the Dubliner.

Coach, father, and former Olympian, Phillip Sutcliffe Sr is adamant that his son’s boxing career won’t be defined by his power, nor is he reliant on it to be successful, but he does argue that his son has the added advantage of being the biggest pound-for-pound puncher in Irish boxing.

“It’s not myth, he just punches hard, more so than a lot of boys.”

“Pound-for-pound I think he is the biggest puncher in professional boxing in Ireland,” Sutcliffe responded when asked by Irish-boxing.com about ‘Young Phil’s’ ability to bang.

Defining power has always proved hard, and trying to establish were it comes from or why some fighters just carry that extra bit of wallop has always proved difficult to explain, but the experienced coach claims it’s a mixture of technique and natural strength.

“He bangs very hard. There is a talent to hitting that hard and there is a technique.”

“It is learned to a degree, look at Conor McGregor he started to learn it here too. You do have to have some form of physical strength, you can learn to punch with speed and accuracy as well as landing on the button, but power has something to do with it.”

“If most fighters land enough on the button they can hurt people but Phil has the kind of punching power that he just has to land one – and there are very few fighters can do that.

“A bit of venom can help, but we can control that and make sure Phil doesn’t swing all over the shop. If you look at Young Phil he isn’t wild, he is accurate and it looks like he isn’t even hitting them and they are dropping.”


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