Irish Boxing Schedule

Below are a list of all the upcoming fight dates for Irish pro boxers.

Thursday January 25th
Tijuana, Mexico
?x3 Middleweight
JJ McDonagh [14(7)-3(1)] v TBC

?x3 Middleweight
Vladimir Belujsky [1(1)-0-1] v TBC

Saturday February 3rd
Europa Hotel, Belfast
10×3 Super Featherweight
James Tennyson [20(16)-2(2)] v TBC

6×3 Super Featherweight
Feargal McCrory [7(3)-0] v Rafael Castillo [14(6)-39(14)-3]

6×3 Super Featherweight
Dan McShane [9(3)-1(1)] v TBC

6×3 Featherweight
Stevie Quinn Jr [8(2)-2(0)] v Edwin Tellez [12(6)-34(4)-5]

6×3 Super Featherweight
Karl Kelly [1(0)-0] v Lucas Ballingall [8(3)-0]

6×3 Super Featherweight
Ronnie Clark [19(10)-4(1)-2] v Dean Evans [6(4)-17(2)-2]

Citywest Hotel, Dublin
4×3 Middleweight
Liam Gaynor
 [2(0)-0] v TBC

4×3 Super Flyweight
Eoin McGrath [debut] v TBC

Tuesday February 7th
BB King Grill, New York
Light Welterweight 10×3
Noely Murphy [12(2)-0] v Mikkel LesPierre [18(8)-0-1]

Saturday February 10th
Devenish Complex, Belfast
Middleweight ?x3
Conrad Cummings [12(5)-1(0)-1] v TBC

Super Middleweight ?x3
Padraig McCrory [2(1)-0] v TBC

Super Featherweight ?x3
Declan Geraghty [15(4)-2(1)] v TBC

Middleweight ?x3
Ger Healy [6(0)-4(1)-1] v TBC

Light Welterweight ?x3
Anto Upton [15(6)-1(0)] v TBC

Super Bantamweight 4×3
Sean Magee [1(1)-0] v TBC

Friday February 16th
York Hall, London
Welterweight 10×3
John O’Donnell [32(11)-2(1)] v Tamuka Mucha [16(4)-1(0)]
BBBoC English title

Village Hotel, Bury
Super Flyweight 6×3
Regan Buckley [2(0)-0] v Craig Derbyshire [5(1)-24(3)-3]

Super Featherweight 4×3
Mathew Fitzsimons [3(2)-0] v Jamie Quinn [3(0)-51(1)]

Saturday February 17th
WIT Arena, Waterfiord
Super Middleweight 6×3
Craig McCarthy [2(0)-0] v TBC

Light Middleweight 6×3
Rohan Date [3(2)-0] v TBC

Super Middleweight 4×3
Barry Barnes [debutant] v TBC

Featherweight 6×3
Eric Donovan [6(3)-0] v TBC

Welterweight 6×3
John Joyce [3(2)-0] v TBC

Light Middleweight 4×3
Graham McCormack O’Shea [1(0)-0] v TBC

Welterweight 4×3
Keane McMahon [1(0)-0] v TBC

Light Heavyweight 4×3
Michael Kalilec [1(1)-0] v TBC

Saturday March 3rd
National Stadium, Dublin
Middleweight Last Man Standing 3x3x3mins
Chris Blaney [9(3)-0]
Henry Coyle [19(12)-2(2)] 
Thomas Finnegan [2(0)-0]
Pádraig McCrory [2(1)-0] 
Sean McGlinchey [2(0)-0]
Alfredo Meli [14(3)-0-1]
Bernard Roe [6(1)-0]
Roy Sheahan [debutant] 

Light Middleweight ?x3
Craig O’Brien [7(0)-0] v TBC

Lightweight ?x3
Victor Rabei [3(0)-0] v TBC

Welterweight ?x3
Dylan Moran [3(2)-0]

Super Middleweight ?x3
Vladimir Belujsky [1(1)-0-1]

Saturday March 17th
The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York
Featherweight 8×3
Mick Conlan [5(4)-0] v TBC

Star Casino, Sydney
Light Welterweight 12×3
Darragh Foley [14(8)-2(0)] v Steven Wilcox [18(5)-2(0)]
WBA Eliminator

Saturday April 7th
Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane
Light Middleweight 10×3
Dennis Hogan [26(7)-1(0)-1] v Jimmy Kelly [23(9)-1(1)]
WBO Inter-Continental title

Saturday April 14th
3Arena, Dublin
Lightweight 10×2
Katie Taylor [8(4)-0] v TBC
WBA Lightweight title

Saturday April 21st
SSE Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Featherweight 12×3
Carl Frampton [24(14)-1(0)] v Nonito Donaire [38(24)-4(1)]

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