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Ireland’s Last Man Standing – UNDERCARD UPDATES

Tonight is a huge night for Irish boxing.

Eight middleweights will battle it out for big money in the inaugural Ireland’s Last Man Standing competition, while there is also a highly anticipated Irish light middleweight title fight – all shown live on TG4.

However, before the cameras start rolling there is also an interesting-looking undercard which features an all-Irish clash, a professional debut, and an Irish debut among other fights.

Action is set to start at 6:15pm and Irish-Boxing.com will be ringside for every second.

Follow our live coverage below (keep hitting refresh to stay with our minute-by-minute, round-by-round updates):

7:58pm: That in fact wraps up our undercard coverage as Dylan McDonagh will not be fighting tonight. Now it’s time for Last Man Standing, which will begin on TG4 at 8:15pm and you can follow our live updates here.

7:53pm: Morris vomiting in the corner, the bout is called, TKO 3 for Rabei!

Round 3: The second was cagey, the third round is WAR. Both land big shots and start swinging, Morris looks the more hurt, Ray Ginley has the towel in his hand, Morris seems to be coughing in the ring, looks in bad shape, but he makes it through.

Round 2: Much better second for Morris who establishes his range quickly and lands some thudding rights. Rabei comes back strong in the final minute, tough round to call.

Round 1: Rabei puts Morris down with his first punch, a left hook. Morris up immediately and they start trading. Emile Tiedt has to break them up to give Morris a count. Unbelievable scenes. Big left hook from Morris! Sensational stuff.

7:38pm: Now for the big undercard fight – Mark Morris v Victor Rabei over four rounds. Nothing beats an all-Irish fight.

Round 3: Big left hooks have Rozsas’s eyes gone, the barrage continues and the journeyman finally goes down. He doesn’t want to continue – TKO3 Moran!

Round 2: Rozsas hanging on for dear life as Moran leathers in one-twos, looking for the finish but the Magyar is staying in there.

Round 1: Phil Sutcliffe and the Crumlin boys in the corner for Moran whose trainer Kieran Farrell is stranded in Manchester by the weather. No fight gear either for the Kilmacthomas boxer who is sporting a plain pair of amateur shorts.

Big shots from the off by Moran who hurts Rozsas early with a right hand. The southpaw backhand left is doing damage as our Hungarian visitor frantically circles, ropemarks burnt into his back.

7:20pm: Time now for Fight #3 – The Irish debut of Waterford welter Dylan Moran. He faces Gyula Rozsas of Hungary.

7:18pm: And he does. 40-36 to middleweight newcomer Cillian Reardon. An impressive display from the fighter who now moves to 1(0)-0.

Round 4: Orsos is marching forward but is being popped with counter uppercuts and big bodyshots as the fight reaches its conclusion. Great debut from Reardon who has this in the bag.

Round 3: The Stillorgan middleweight is starting to up the pace in the third. One big backhand right in particular grabs the attention of his light heavyweight opponent.


Round 2: Some lovely counter right hooks from Reardon on the inside, starting to put a bit more power into his punches – and another big uppercut as Orsos rushes in! Very impressive so far by the late starter.

Round 1: Big crowd here for Reardon, including rugby star Cian Healy. The Leinster S&C coach starts well – wide stance and some nice uppercuts getting through.

6:59pm: Time for Fight #2 and a very tough debut for Cillian Reardon who is now facing Istvan Orsos. Big size disadvantage.

Round 3: First heavy shot from Duffus puts Orsos out of his misery. KO3 Israel Duffus.

Round 2: Duffus showboating and goading the portly visitor who goes to his knees at the end of the round, seemingly out of exhaustion.

Round 1:  The Assassin-promoted Panamanian sends Horvath down with his first punch of note, a right hook. The Hungarian rises and comes for Duffus who sticks out the southpaw jab and coasts through the rest of the round – the Central American seems to want ring time.

6:43pm: Here we go: Israel Duffus v Attila Horvath.

6:25pm: Slight delay starting here. Some bad news too, Paddy McDonagh will unfortunately not be fighting tonight. The Irish light heavyweight champion’s scheduled opponent Istvan Orsos has been stranded in Liverpool by the weather. Israel Duffus up soon.

6:00pm: We are in the National Stadium and are ready to go. First fight up in 15 minutes. Here is tonight’s RUNNING ORDER.



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