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Ireland’s Last Man Standing – RUNNING ORDER

We are just a few hours from Ireland’s Last Man Standing.

The doors will soon be open at the National Stadium and the TG4 cameras will be rolling as boxing returns to Irish terrestrial television.

Tonight we have an Irish title fight, the Prizefighter-style eight-man middleweight tournament, and an undercard which features another all-Irish fight.

See below for the running order for the night.

Ireland’s Last Man Standing
Running Order

Doors Open

Light Heavyweight 4 x 3
Israel Duffus [17(14)-4(3)] v Attila Orsos [14(8)-23(20)-1]

Middleweight 4 x 3
Cillian Reardon [debut] v Richard Hegyi [4(3)-3(0)]

Welterweight 4 x 3
Dylan Moran [4(2)-0] v v Gyula Rozsas [4(2)-2(2)]

Lightweight 4 x 3
Victor Rabei [3(0)-0] v Mark Morris [3(2)-1(1)]

Bantamweight 4 x 3
Dylan Mcdonagh [2(1)-0] v Leonard Rafael [2(1)-12(6)]

Light Heavyweight 4 x 3
Paddy McDonagh [11(0)-2(0)] v Istvan Orsos [16(5)-44(14)-2]

20 minute break before live TV

Broadcast begins on TG4

Last Man Standing

Middleweight 3 x 3
JJ McDonagh [15(7)-3(1)] v Ger Healy [7(0)-4(1)-1]

Middleweight 3 x 3
Chris Blaney [9(3)-0] v Owen Jobburn [4(1)-0-1]

Middleweight 3 x 3
Roy Sheahan [1(0)-0] v Vladimir Belujsky [2(2)-0-1]

Middleweight 3 x 3
Jack Cullen [9(3)-0] v Nick Quigley [15(3)-3(2)]

Middleweight 3 x 3
McDonagh/Healy v Sheahan/Belujsky

Middleweight 3 x 3
Blaney/Jobbun v Cullen/Quigley

Middleweight 3 x 3
Last Man Standing Final

Light Middleweight 10 x 3
Craig O’Brien [7(0)-0] v Jay Byrne [6(2)-3(1)]
Vacant Irish title



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