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Ireland vs England Junior Results

Team Ireland Juniors took on an England ABA Junior Team at a dual-nations international on Saturday. Ireland claimed victory in three of nine hotly contests in Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

The results are as below:

48kg Lauren Crinnion, Fr Horgans IRL lost to Ruby White, ENG, 3-0

48kg Aaron Keogh, Drimnagh, IRL, won against Humza Mali, ENG, 2-1

50kg James Casey, Sliabh Luacha, IRL, lost to Mohammad Safari, ENG, R1 KO.

52kg Grace Conway, Tredagh, IRL, won against Holly Haskins, ENG, 2-1

54kg Tegan Farrelly, Dunboyne IRL, lost to Carlyn Wise, ENG, 3-0

60kg Robyn Wolverson, Docklands, IRL, lost to Lexie Walker, 2-1

66kg Pat Corcoran, Titans, lost to Kevin Richardson, ENG, 3-0

70kg Alex Noonan Carmody, Riverstown, IRL, lost to John Joe Carrigan, ENG, 3-0

70kg Mary McDonagh, Sliabh Luachra, IRL, won against Shannon Warren, ENG, 3-0


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