Intermediate Final results

The final tournament of 2014 concluded at the National Stadium in Dublin tonight, with 17 new National Intermediate champions crowned at the home of Irish boxing.

Gary Cully beat Hughie Joyce in a cracking lightweight clash, the former European Youth champion earning a unanimous decision from a fiery all-Kildare 60kg battle.

Myles Casey and Johnny Harty brought two titles back to Limerick at the expense of Ryan Adam and Jack Moore, while Galway’s Patrick Mongan and Cork’s Colin Donovan were involved in an explosive 64kg final.

Mongan’s corner could be heard encouraging their man to give it one big last round, and the Olympic BC ace certainly did that, as did Donovan, culminating in both boxers going toe-to-toe in the final ten seconds before Mongan was declared the winner.

Claire Sweetman, Orla McInerney and Barry Walsh also emerged victorious, while Louise Donoghue impressed en route to a unanimous decision over Ciara Dowling and Emma Agnew recorded an inside the distance win over Emma McGlynn.

Noel McBride had his hand raised from another top class affair with Sean Hunt and Ryan Dervan edged out Paul Kelly on one of five split decision. Patrick Ward and Jeff Kavanagh also split the judges in their favour.

Kiril Afanasev and Bernie Stokes secured the last two Irish titles of 2014, a year which marks the 75th anniversary of the opening of the National Stadium in 1939.

Speaking after the 136-bout tournament, IABA President Tommy Murphy congratulated all concerned for a memorable Championships.

“The boxers, coaches and clubs deserve enormous credit for their performances at these Championships. We saw some thrilling finals this evening, the best of Irish boxing, he said.

“Everyone involved with this tournament, the boxers, coaches, clubs, referees and judges and staff deserve congratulations for a memorable occasion.”

National Intermediate Championships 2014 National Stadium Dublin

Finals December 5th
48kg Daryl Moran (Illies GG) W/O
51kg Brendan Irvine (St Pauls Ant) W/O
F54kg Orla McInerney (Monivea) beat Emma Gallagher (Corpus Christi) TKO3
54kg Myles Casey (St Francis) beat Ryan Adams (Holy Family GG) 3-0
F57kg Emma Agnew (Dealgan) beat Emma McGlynn (Immaculata) TKO1
57kg Barry Walsh (St Colmans) beat Dylan Tang (Mulhuddart) 3-0
F60kg Louise Donohoe (Geesala) beat Ciara Dowling (Carrickmacross) 3-0
60kg Gary Cully (St Davids Naas) beat Hughie Joyce (St Michaels Athy) 3-0
64kg Patrick Mongan (Olympic) beat Colin Donovan (Togher) 3-0
67kg Noel McBride (Corrib) beat Sean Hunt (Palmerstown) 3-0
F70kg Claire Sweetman (Palmerstown) beat Aoife Hennigan (Swinford) 2-1
71kg Johnny Harty (Rathkeale) beat Jack Moore (Canal) 3-0
75kg Ryan Dervan (Loughrea) beat Paul Kelly (Twin Towns) 2-1
81kg Patrick Ward (Gurteen) beat Stephen Doherty (Letterkenny) 2-1
85kg Jefferey Kavanagh (Corinthians) beat Ciaran O Griofa (Connamara/D/F) 2-1
91kg Kiril Afanasev (Smithfield) beat Peter Gahan (Clonoe) 3-0
91+kg Bernie Stokes (Blue Stack) beat Robert Kraska (Portlaoise) 2-1

Saturday November 29th

Men’s S/Finals

54kg Ryan Adams (Holy Family GG) beat Colin McKay (St Pauls A) 3-0

54kg Myles Casey (St Francis) beat Elhle Cekiso (Portlaoise) 3-0

57kg Barry Walsh (St Colmans) W/O

57kg Dylan Tang (Mulhuddart) beat Jason Kirwan (Ballagh) 3-0

60kg Gary Cully (St Davids Naas) beat Sean Kelly (St Saviours OBA) 3-0

60kg Hughie Joyce (St Michaels Athy) beat Joseph Kelly (St Canices) 3-0

64kg Patrick Mongan (Olympic) beat Gerard Matthews (St Pauls A) 3-0

64kg Colin Donovan (Togher) beat Jamie Long (Sunnyside) 2-1

67kg Noel McBride (Corrib) beat Lee Boyd (Convoy) TKOI1

67kg Sean Hunt (Palmerstown) beat Kevin Loonam (D/F) 2-1

71kg Johnny Harty (Rathkeale) beat Mark Fitzpatrick (Riverstown(D/F) 2-1

71kg Jack Moore (Canal) beat Daniel Hagan (Spartans) TKO3

75kg Ryan Dervan (Loughrea) beat David Bicsevis (St Saviours OBA) 3-0

75kg Paul Kelly(Twin Towns) beat Shane Egan (Bracken) TKO2

Men’s S/Finals

81kg Stephen Doherty (Letterkenny) beat Conal Dillon (Kinsale) 3-0

81kg Patrick Ward (Gurteen) beat Michael Frayne (St Marys D) TKO2

85kg Ciara Griofa (Conamara) beat Christian Scuvie (Crumlin) 2-1

85kg Jeffery Kavanagh (Corinthians) beat Mannie Bique (Mount Tallant) 2-1

91kg Peter Gahan (Clonoe) W/O

91kg Kiril Afanasev (Smithfield) beat Cathal Manning (Corrib) TKO1

91kg Bernie Stokes (Blue Stack) beat Michael McConigley (Letterkenny) 3-0

91+kg Robert Kraska (Portlaoise) beat John McDonnell (Crumlin) 2-1

Women’s Finals

48kg Alexandra Kornag (Carrickmore) W/O

50kg Donna Barr (Twin Towns) beat Kirsty McCarthy (Golden Cobra) 3-0

52kg Ashleigh Brown (Spartans U) beat Shannon Byrne (St Margarets D) 3-0

63kg Shanice Just (Arklow) beat Sara Kiely (Dungarvan) 3-0

66kg Grainne Walsh (Sparticus) beat Tina Donnelly (Baldoyle) 3-0

86kg Kimberly Walker (Spartan M) W/O

November 22nd


71kg Mark Fitzpatrick (Riverstown/Defence Forces) beat Luke Comiskey (St Marys D) 3-0

71kg Johnny Harty (Rathkeale) beat Darren Lyons (Mulhuddart) 2-1

71kg Daniel Hagan (Spartans U) beat Noel Sommers (Palmerstown) 3-0

71kg Jack Moore (Canal) beat Daniel Foster (Mullingar) 3-0

75kg Ryan Dervan (Loughrea) beat Sean Cullen (Sacre Coeur) 3-0

75kg David Bicsevis (St Saviours OBA) beat Eddie Byrne (Na Fianna) 2-1

75kg Paul Kelly (Twin Towns) beat Vladimir Beluski (Watergrasshill) 2-1

75kg Shane Egan (Braken) beat Derek Duhig (St Francis) 3-0

81kg Stephen Doherty (Letterkenny) beat Michael Cummings (Carrickmore) 3-0

81kg Conal Dillon (Kinsale) beat Darren Clarke (Westside) 3-0

81kg Michael Frayne (St Marys D) beat Richie McDonagh (Darndale) 2-1

81kg Patrick Ward (Gurteen) beat Martin Lally (St Davids Naas) 3-0

November 22nd


85kg Ciaran Griofa (Connamara/Defence Forces) beat Jack Morrisey (Sacre Coeur) 3-0

85kg Christian Scuvie (Crumlin) beat Eoghan McNutt (Esker) TKO1

85kg Mannie Bique (Mount Tallant) W/O

85kg Jeffrey Kavanagh (Corinthians) beat Patrick Reilly (Drimnagh) 2-1

91kg Marcin Skalski (Athlone) beat Niall Gallagher (Manorhamilton) 2-1

91kg Peter Gahan (Clonoe) beat Andrew Hanley (Bray) 2-1

91kg Cathal Manning (Corrib) W/O

91kg Kiril Afanasev (Smithfield) beat Stephen Forde (St Pauls Nenagh) 3-0

91+kg Bernie Stokes (Blue Stack) beat Michael Kaliac (St Colmans) 3-0

91+kg Michael McConigley (Letterkenny) W/O

91+kg John McDonnell (Crumlin) beat Antoine Griofa (Connemara/Defence Forces) 2-1

91+kg Robert Kraska (Portlaoise) beat Michael McKeever (Cherry Orchard) 3-0

November 22nd


54kg Emma Gallagher (Corpus Christi) beat Emma O’Neill (St Nicholas) 2-1

54kg Orla McInerny (Monivea) beat Karen O’Sullivan (Riverstown) 3-0

57kg Emma Agnew (Dealgan) beat Niamh Ball (Trojan) 3-0

60kg Louise Donohue (Geesala) beat Valerie Hamilton (St Francis) 2-1

60kg Ciara Dowling (Carrickmacross) W/O

63kg Shanice Just (Arkow) beat Louise O’Brien (Sacre Coeur) 3-0

66kg Tina Donnelly (Baldoyle) beat Gillian Duffy (Bray) 3-0

70kg Claire Sweetman (Palmerstown) W/O

70kg Aoife Hennigan (Swinford) beat Gemma Hurley (Kinsale) TKO2
November 21st


54kg Elhle Cekiso (Portlaoise) beat Leigh Moran (Illies GG) 3-0

57kg Thomas Mongan (Illlies GG) beat Patrick Faloon (Camlough) 3-0

57kg Barry Walsh (St Colmans) beat Eugene Brady (Riverstown) 2-1

57kg Dylan Tang (Mulhuddart) beat Noel Kehoe (Marble City) 3-0

57kg Jason Kirwan (Ballagh) beat Pierse Burke (St Davids Naas) 3-0

60kg Senan Kelly (St Saviours) beat Martin Reilly (Franchpark) 3-0

60kg Hughie Joyce (St Michaels Athy) beat Sean Benson (Southside) TKO2

60kg Joseph Kelly (St Canices) beat Patrick Bradley (Errigal) 3-0

64kg Gerard Matthews (St Pauls) beat Martin Noonan (Riverstown) 3-0

64kg Patrick Mongan (Olympic) beat Paddy Linehan (Golden Cobra) 2-1

64kg Colin Donovan (Togher) beat Gregory O’Hagan (Illie GG) 2-1

64kg Jamie Long (Sunnyside) beat Sean Montgomery (Canal, Defence Forces) 3-0

67kg Lee Boyd (Convoy) beat Richie Hedderman (Bray) 3-0

67kg Noel McBride (Corrib) beat Keane McMahon (Ballybough) 3-0

67kg Kevin Loonam (Defence Forces) beat Niall O’Connor (Monkstown D) 2-1

67kg Sean Hunt (Palmerstown) beat Michael McGlinchey (St Marys) TKO3

November 15th


64kg Gerard Matthews (St Pauls A) beat Donal Maher (St Annes) 2-1

64kg Martin Noonan (Riverstown) beat Karl Kelly (St Margarets D) 3-0

64kg Paddy Linehan (St Marys D) beat Maurice Falvey (Cashen Vale) 3-0

64kg Patrick Mongan (Olympic) beat Kalem Moran (Corinthians) 3-0

64kg Gregory O’Hagan (Illies GG) W/O

64kg Colin Donovan (Togher) beat Barry Kennedy (Ballinacarrow) 3-0

64kg Jamie Long (Sunnyside) beat Sean Flynn (Lumpini) TKO3

64kg Sean Montgomery (Canal) beat Tim Lehane (Rylane) 2-1

75kg Ryan Dervan (Loughrea) W/O

75kg Davis Bicsevis (St Saviours OBA) beat Pedru Ursu (Palmerstown) 2-1

75kg Eddie Byrne (Na Fianna) beat Fearghus Quinn (Camlough) 3-0

75kg Vladamir Beluski (Watergrasshill) beat Stephen Murphy (N7) KO1

75kg Paul Kelly (Twin Towns) beat Denis Ahern (Castlebar) TKO3

75kg Shane Egan (Bracken) beat Taylor McGoldrick (Holy Trinity) 2-1

75kg Derek Duhig (St Francis) W/O

91kg Karl Manning (Corrib) beat Matthew Toner (Mourne All Blacks) 2-1

November 15th


81kg Conal Dillon (Kinsale) beat John Corcoran (Drimnagh) TKO1

81kg Darren Clarke (Westside) beat Donal O’Leary (Rylane) 3-0

81kg Michael Frayne (St Marys D) beat Slawomir Kaczmarek (Corpus Christi) TKO3

81kg Richie McDonagh (Darndale) beat Gerard Joyce (Dealgan) 2-1

81kg Patrick Ward (Gurteen) beat Paul Quinn (St Pauls A) 3-0

81kg Martin Lally (St Davids Naas) beat Patrick Stokes (Blue Stack) 3-0

85kg Patrick Reilly (Drimnagh) W/O

91kg Peter Gahan (Clonoe) beat Patrick Nevin (Drimnagh) 2-1

91kg Andrew Hanley (Bray) W/O

91kg Patrick J Ward (Olympic) beat Brian Mullen (St Annes) 3-0

91kg Stephen Forde (St Pauls M) W/O

91kg Kiril Afanasev (Smithfield) beat Patrick Lavery (Dealgan) TKO1

91+kg Antoine O Griofa (Connamara) beat Martin Stokes (Crumlin) 3-0

91+kg Michael McKeever (Cherry Orchard) W/O

91+kg Robert Kraska (Portlaoise) beat Ciaran O’Regan (Corpus Christi M) 3-0

November 14th


64kg Sean Montgomery (Canal) beat Sean Kilkenny (Manorhamilton) 3-0

67kg Niall O’Connor (Monkstown D) beat Olsen North (Brosna) 3-0

67kg Kevin Loonam (Defence Forces) beat James Lynch (Ballinacarrow) 3-0

67kg Sean Hunt (Palmerstown) beat David Lewis (St Francis) 3-0

67kg Michael McGlinchey (St Marys) beat David Maguire (Dealgan) 3-0

71kg Mark Fitzpatrick (Riverstown) W/O

71kg Luke Comiskey (St Marys Dub) beat Keith Flaherty (Conemara) 3-0

71kg Darren Lyons (Mulhuddart) W/O

71kg Johnny Harty (Rathkeale) beat Lee Bradley (Twin Towns) 3-0

71kg Daniel Hagan (Spartans U) beat Peter McCabe (Esker) 2-1

71kg Noel Sommers (Palmerstown) beat Jake McNally (Loughrea) 3-0

71kg Jack Moore (Canal) beat Darren Timlin (Geesala) 3-0

71kg Daniel Foster (Elite Mullingar) beat Benn Gallagher (Kilcullen) TKO1


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