Instadrama: Agyarko-Heaney spat continues – Black Thunder asks Warren for fight with stablemate

The war of words between Belfast middleweight Caoimhin Agyarko and stablemate Nathan Heaney continues to escalate.

Agyarko has been keen on a clash with the Stoke ticket seller and has called for the bout in recent weeks.

Heaney, whose ringwalk for his most recent fight went viral, is less keen, noting that the rising Agyarko doesn’t yet bring anything to the table.

An online tit-for-tat has been bubbling and started to froth over today after new pro Jordan Reynolds also called for a clash with Heaney in his debut.

Recent Queensberry acquisition Heaney [10(3)-0] did not take kindly to the call-out and suggested that Reynolds, who has a strong amateur background and now trains under Pete Taylor, face Agyarko [6(3)-0].

“Why don’t you two fight each other?” the 31-year-old he told his Instagram followers.

“Then it would make it much more interesting for me to fight you.”

“This moment in time, I really don’t need you boys, you boys need me – which is why you keep mentioning my name.”

This prompted a response from former Irish Elite champ Agyarko on the same medium.

‘Black Thunder’ told Heaney: “oh Nathan lad, you’ve stated that I’m obsessed with you.”

“I called you out because you are undefeated, have a good record, and it would look good on my record beating someone who is 10-0.”

“You’re a below average fighter, I would beat you with ease.”

“Don’t even lie to yourself that you think you have a chance with me because you’ve stated, in an interview that I have, that I would be dangerous fight for anyone in the division and that it would be a big risk and people would only take it for money or a title.”

“Listen, you keep winning, doing what you’re doing, don’t bring Jordan into it. This has nothing to do with Jordan Reynolds. If me and Jordan meet down the line, one hundred percent. It makes no sense for us to meet now, because he hasn’t even had debut yet.”

“Anyone who wants to fight, I’ll fight. I’ll ask Frank [Warren, common promoter] for the fight with you.”

“If you turn it down then it shows that you have no balls. All the best in your career”

Neither fighter has bouts lined up although both could find themselves on any of the three upcoming behind-closed-doors Queensberry shows at BT studios. Whether it is against each other remains to be seen.

Joe O'Neill

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