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Iago Barros wants rematch following Martin Quinn “injustice”

Iago Barros [2(1)-8(0)-2] wants to return to Ireland to right what he believes is a boxing wrong.Ā 

The Spaniard claims an injustice was served upon him in the National StadiumĀ last week and is adamant he was the rightful winner of his Celtic Clash 4 clash with Martin Quinn [2(1)-0].

Barros finished the wrong end of a 39-37 scorecard after an entertaining clash, but claims everyone that saw the fight knows he was the rightful winner.

“I think the situation is very unfair. I did not lose the fight – the public know it, I know it, and my opponent knows it,” Barros told Irish-boxing.com.

“He said he was going to knock me out in the first round – he’s lucky I didn’t knock him out in first round.”

“The first, second, and third rounds were mine, totally mine. I winded him, I puffed up both eyes, I hit him everywhere.”

“In the fourth I ate a few stupid shots, I was tired. The fourth round was his.”

“The real result is a victory for me. I would have even accepted a draw to benefit him, but the only thing they get now is that the public sees an injustice,” he continued.

Confusion over the weight following some miscommunication saw Barros come in light and Crumlin;s Quinn come in heavy. The 34 year old Spaniard would like a rematch, but on more even terms.

“I would love a rematch,” he stressed. “The last fight I won and at a bigger weight.Ā I fight at super feather, this was agreed at lightweight, and it happened at light welterweight. If he wants a rematch he can have it but at the correct weight.”

The knowledgeable National Stadium crowd were won over by the rugged Galacian, who received a huge applause at the conclusion of the bout, and Barros wants to return to the world’s first purpose-built boxing venue.

“The Irish public welcomed me very well. as I went down people came to take pictures with me and to say that I won and that they liked my fight,” he recalled.

“They are an excellent crowd and it was a real pleasure to fight for them, after all the public are the most important, they are the onesĀ  who pay to see the show and are the ones who have to be happy!”

“I would love to fight more regularly in Ireland. I haveĀ loved this experienced, the promoter, and the public, hopefully I can go more often and give a show and that people willĀ cheerĀ me as one of their own.”

Translations courtesy of Lucas Quinn

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)



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