How You Can Back Your Favourite fighter

We’re all fans at the end of the day. No matter how neutral we profess to be, each and every one of us will have our favoured fighters or teams. But how does that impact the way we bet? Should we go big on our chosen fighters, or try to remain impartial when filling out slips? The answer to that question will be different for each person, but there are some methods you can use to try and win some cash when backing your favourite fighters. Follow these tips, and you can emerge from fight night as a winner – even if your hero doesn’t. 

Don’t Let Your Bias Fool You

We all want to show support as fans, but that always has to be tempered by the reality of a situation, especially when it comes to betting. Don’t throw money down the drain on a long shot just because you want it to come true. If the fighter you fancy is a huge outsider, it is probably best to that particular event out in terms of gambling, or at the very least, only put a small amount of money down. As we will come on to, it’s a very different matter if the odds are a lot tighter, but if your man/woman only stands a punchers chance, use your head and steer clear. 

Always Check the Form Guides

How many times have we seen popular champions dismantled by an unknown quantity? It happens all the time in boxing, as the sport has an unfortunate habit of only shining the spotlight on popular fighters. From Anthony Joshua’s shock defeat against Andy Ruiz to Ireland’s very own Katie Taylor almost losing her titles to mysterious Belgian Delfine Persoon – the history of boxing is littered with similar examples. This is why it is so vital that you do extensive research, and known as much as you can about the person your favoured fighter is about to do battle with.

Use Resources Like

If you’re ever unsure about which site to gamble on, or simply want to know more in-depth detail about an upcoming event, Smart Betting Guide is your perfect betting companion. On there you will find all the information you need about betting on boxing generally, as well as advice on which sites offer the best odds. It’s the perfect resource for anyone who is looking to place bets on their favourite fighters. 

Odds Can Be Deceptive

As we just mentioned, sometimes the mysterious nature of a fighter or the hype surrounding them can unjustly swing the odds in a direction that isn’t representative of the reality. Therefore, if you conduct your research, you can often catch the bookies out. If you think your favourite boxer is being overlooked due to a lack of fame or knowledge, don’t be afraid to bet a bit bigger than you normally would. 

By contrast, if your fighter is the overhyped one, then maybe air on the side of caution – or back the guy they are facing. Bookmakers can be heavily swayed by public sentiment and nationality biases – so capitalise on that if you think you know better.

Know the Fighter’s Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses

This applies mainly to round betting and method of victory. Essentially, if you know your fighter better than they know themselves, you can attempt to estimate what their path to victory may be. Take Katie Taylor as a good example. We know that she only has 6 KO’s from 17 professional contests; and thus, if she goes into a fight with a world level opponent she will most likely win via points. Even if we did bet on her winning via KO, a statistical breakdown of her record would establish which rounds she performs best in. That way, we could estimate which round the KO might come.


Ultimately, there is a great deal of money to be won from backing some of your favourite boxers. So long as you stay smart, and don’t get blinded by your own fandom, you can end the evening celebrating a win for your fighter, as well as your win at the bookmakers. And don’t forget, for all of your gambling needs, visit Smart Betting Guide.  Just click the link to get started.


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