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How to Increase Your Fighting Endurance

Boxing and fighting, in general, require a lot of stamina and strength, especially if you expect to accomplish some results. Fighting endurance isn’t always easy to achieve, so it’s important to stay disciplined and focused until you’re fully happy with your performance in the ring. For that reason, here are some tips that will help you improve fighting endurance and possibly increase your number of victories.

Do more cardio

The first step should always be cardio since it is one of the sure ways to become stronger and more self-reliant. Cardio helps the body increase its oxygen intake which in return will increase stamina. Every physical movement requires the use of muscles, and muscles need oxygen in order to process the glucose (sugar) to create energy. Basically, the higher the oxygen intake means more oxygen for your muscles as well. So, if you really dedicate yourself to doing more cardio, the more energy you will have. The best way to do cardio is to do jumping rope exercises since they can help you build endurance and improve your breathing. 

Try punching a speed bag

Speed bag is a type of equipment that is widely available at most gyms, but if you prefer more private workouts, you can get one for yourself and practice at the comfort of your home. Punching a speed bag is a great way to increase endurance and strength in your arms. Also, keep in mind that focus here should not be on speed, so make sure to hit slowly without taking breaks, because that makes quite a big difference. For best results, try to do at least three hitting rounds on your workout days. If you’re a beginner, don’t get discouraged if you feel pain in your arms and shoulders: that is perfectly normal considering that speed bag exercises are often intense so make sure to start slowly and increase the intensity of your workout once you get more comfortable.

Go running

The best way to improve your stamina is to go running, preferably in the morning, but generally, any time of day is fine. Running is a great type of exercise as it is quite flexible, which means you can do it whenever you want. But, running also is an excellent way to improve endurance in your legs and breathing. You can run on a treadmill, or even better, go to a park to get the maximum benefits of every running session. Also, even though running doesn’t require expensive equipment, it’s still important to be properly equipped, so feel free to check out running gear on this website, mainly since they also offer a lot of valuable tips that can help you improve your workouts, including endurance.

Muscle conditioning and muscle memory

Since fighting is stressful as it is, that also requires muscles to be well-conditioned to endure repeated fights. Strong legs will help you move around the right, while a strong core can be used to generate power during fights. Fundamentally, your whole body should be well-trained and strong to throw and evade punches at full speed, so exercises that help muscles such as skipping rope, push-ups, running and squats should be part of your workout routine. Additionally, make sure to work out your whole body, because muscle imbalance will cause weaker performance in the ring. 

On the other hand, you should also work on your muscle memory, which is neurological conditioning that helps you improve over time. The more your repeated certain moves, the better you will become at them. That’s why simulating actual fighting and practising real movements will help you build muscle memory and become better at fighting. 


Fighting endurance is definitely achievable, but it requires discipline and determination. So, if you truly want to succeed as a boxer, make sure to use these exercises as they will surely help you achieve your goals. Finally, in case you don’t know where to start, make sure to hire a coach that will be able to give you guidance and support because that will definitely help you grow as a fighter.


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