How boxing ranks among the sports that people bet on the most

Sports betting has been around for many years. As a result, the sports that people bet on the most have become more diverse over time.

Before online betting became popular, people had to physically visit their favorite betting shops in order to be able to bet on their favorite team or player. Nowadays, of course, this can be done from the comfort of the homes with a computer, phone, or tablet, and by visiting some of the best online bookmakers that are reviewed here. You just need a stable Internet connection.

But, have you ever wondered which sports people bet on the most? Well, you will just find out. And, who knows, maybe this list will encourage you to place bets on some of the following popular sports.

Top 5 most popular sports among bookmakers

1. Football

Does it surprise you that football is in the first place? We believe not. Football is still the number one sport in the world in terms of viewership, but also in terms of betting. This should not come as a shock because football is also the most played sport on almost all continents, and special attention is drawn to competitions such as the World Cup and the European Championship.

There are millions of fans in the world who cannot wait to watch their favorite football teams and bet on them. Accordingly, bookmakers worldwide saw their chance and offer various opportunities and bonuses for football fans. So, if you want to have the largest selection of betting options, this is the sport for you.

2. Tennis

When it comes to the sports that people bet on the most, tennis belongs to the crème de la crème. The growing popularity of the live betting industry went in the favor of tennis betting, which has become significantly more popular than ever.

Of course, tennis is one of the world’s biggest sports in terms of people who practice it, with a huge turnover of money, which is why it has always been popular among bettors. However, the fact that you can bet live on an individual sport makes tennis even more attractive and exciting. In tennis, every move is reflected directly through the result, so the one who plays better will always win, which is not always the case in football.

In tennis, a draw is impossible. This means that you are much more likely to successfully predict the outcome of the match. But it also means that matches can often last for several hours. Needless to say that it is much easier to notice which player is playing better and has a better performance in tennis, so it is easier to guess the final outcome of the match.

3. Boxing

In addition to tennis, boxing is another individual sport that is popular among betting fans. In addition to the sheer adrenaline of watching your favorite fighter, boxing betting is also attractive because the rounds do not last long. However, boxing can be unpredictable. There were many cases when even a rookie managed to strike the final blow in this sport, so be careful when you place a bet.

Of course, the most interesting are the professionals of the highest category, of the heavyweight, but the other categories are not far behind in terms of betting passion. Boxing is a sport that has given rise to some of the biggest rivalries in the world of sports, which makes it even more interesting.

4. Basketball

Basketball is played all over the world and, logically, it is one of the most popular and watched sports. Basketball has thousands of leagues and the largest organization is, of course, the NBA in the United States. One of the easiest ways to make a big win quickly is via basketball betting.

In basketball matches, something happens on the court all the time. It is one of the most dynamic sports on the planet and you can bet on a lot of things during the game. The excitement grows, and you look forward to the outcome of the match. Perfect for betting addicts, right?

Basketball has some of the most attractive markets for live betting, which is another big plus that we have to mention here. Remember that this is a game where the outcome can change in a second.

5. Horse racing

It may be hard for you to believe but this sport used to be the most popular among bettors. Even many of the most famous sports betting enthusiasts bet on it. Although horse racing has undergone many changes over the years, it has still found a place on our list of sports that people bet on the most.

The Internet revolution has produced a ‘golden age’ for horse racing bettors, as well as a large number of bookmakers competing with each other to dominate the market. This has brought fantastic opportunities for those who are disciplined enough to take advantage of them, as limits of offers are virtually non-existent. The most patient bettors will surely find divine offers if they are diligent enough to search for the best odds.

Most horse racing betting fans say that the excitement they have while watching horses run on the track cannot be compared to the feeling they have while watching any other sport. Do you agree with this?


Those who choose to bet on the sport they are familiar with best, usually do best. Knowing the particular sport is key to making a profit, and that is exactly your goal, right? Choose a sport, create a winning ticket and visit your favorite online bookmaker!


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