Munguia Rematch on the agenda for Dennis Hogan but will he get the chance?

Dennis Hogan [28(7)-2(0)-1] cruelly lost out last night in Mexico but is determined to get a rematch and right the wrong.

The Brisbane-based Kildare light middleweight was beaten by WBO champion Jaime Munguia at the Arena Monterrey on a hugely controversial majority decision.

Hogan looked to have done enough to take the brown belt from the young champion but was adjudged to have lost, with scorecards of 114-114, 113-115, and 112-116.

It was a verdict that most disagreed with and it has emerged that DDP Sports, Hogan’s team, intend to request that the WBO launch an official investigation into the scoring of the fight.

This investigation, should it occur, will provide an interesting backdrop to a potential second fight as Hogan revealed in the immediate aftermath that Munguia’s long-time promoter, Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, had offered him a rematch – an offer he intends to take up.

The 34-year-old said that “Beltran offered us a rematch, we accepted it straight away, no questions asked.

“Zanfer offered it to us in the corner straight away, they know, everyone who saw it knows.”

“They said ‘there can be a rematch’, we said ‘okay, we accept’. What more can I ask for at that point? There’s nothing more I can do.”

“I’ll come back and win the title,” he continued, before stopping himself and clarifying “no, I won’t come back, we’ll do it on neutral ground.”

The location of a rematch may become an issue, with Hogan’s promoter Paul Keegan pledging to bring the fight back to Australia.

The Dublin DDP Sports boss outlined how “they’ve tried to rip it away from us but we will get this back to Australia. We will get this fight back to Australia and we will do a rematch in Brisbane. He will only get better from this.

Indeed, this had been the plan for last night’s meeting but they were eventually enticed to Mexico – although, considering what went on live on DAZN, Team Hogan will certainly have a stronger standing in negotiations for a rematch.

Munguia himself claims to be open to going to Australia.

The Tijuana titlist admitted in the ring that he felt the fight was a draw but, by the time he got backstage, his talk had changed.

Munguia [33(26)-0] said that “I clearly won the fight…but if he wants the rematch, we’ll give it to him and even in Australia!”

With Zanfer, Hogan, DDP, and Munguia all pulling for a rematch, the final player is Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions who came on board following the title win over Sadam Ali last year.

They too, apparently, are willing to go again.

However, alongside all the promises of rematches, the physically-imposing Munguia also took the time after the fight to hint at a move up in weight – meaning Hogan may not get his second shot.

Should this be the case, it is hoped that the WBO – and indeed Golden Boy who were said to be keen to continue working with Hogan – ensure that the lilywhite fights for the vacant belt.


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