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Hearn: It’s time to move on-Quigg will fight Donaire or Martinez this Summer

IT SEEMS Eddie Hearn has given up on making a mega bout between Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg this Summer and has targeted a clash with former pound for pound star Nonito Donaire for the Bury fighter.

Hearn took the Sky Sports airwaves to make a public offer to Frampton last week in a move some labeled a publicity stunt, but Hearn said was a ‘last ditch attempt to make the fight’.

Cyclone Promotions asked the Matchroom boss to get in touch so negotiations could continue, but it seems one of those ‘fights the fans want’ won’t be happening as hoped on July 18.

Speaking to Boxing Scene Hearn said it was time to ‘move on’ and said he would like a clash with the Filipino Flash Donaire for Quigg next. Donaire, who Frampton’s trainer Shane McGuigan had highlighted as a possible ‘Jackal’ opponent, revealed he had contact from Matchroom and a Quigg fight would certainly appeal as it would offer passage back to the man who derailed his career, Gullerimo Rigondeaux.

If Hearn can’t persuade the former Pound for Pound top five fighter to come to England he would like to the make a clash with Kiko Martinez, the fighter Frampton beat to claim European and World honours.

“I made Frampton an offer of £1.5 million. Before that we made a 60/40 offer on a co promotion they turned that down as well. They turned down a guarantee. I don’t know if they want the fight they said they do, but we are the ones bringing the money to the table. Our broadcaster is the one putting all the money on the table so why should we give them co promotion, but we did, and they turned that down as well,” said Hearn

“It is time to move on and we really like the Donaire fight. We like the Martinez fight too. It’s time for Scott Quigg to really make a statement this Summer.”

While Hearn is clambering around looking for a Quigg opponent there is one publicly calling the WBA regular champion out. World champ Gullerimo Rigondeaux is in the strange position of being a champ who has to actively seek out challengers. The Cuban claims he is going to England to call out the Joe Gallagher trained fighter, but Hearn continues to sing off the ‘Rigo’ fight is one for the future hymn sheet.

“In time you have no choice but to fight him. He is a very good fighter, it’s a very tough fight. Financially its not anywhere near the level of Frampton. Rigondeaux is big in terms of boxing fans but not outside of that.

“I personally prefer the Donaire fight it’s easier. It’s a wonderful fight so I will try my best to make that fight. If not then Kiko Martinez.”

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