Hearn: I’ll get Dudey world title shot

By Jonny Stapleton
Paul McCloskey might be enjoying a well earned break after his hard fought victory last Saturday night, but promoter Eddie Hearn is back to work trying to secure the Derry man the perfect world title shot.
Hearn claims the gamble that was fighting light welterweight danger man Breidis Prescott paid off and revealed he would use the high profile win to ensure McCloskey gets a second chance to become champion of the world.
The Matchroom boss stressed despite winning the WBA title eliminator that WBA world champion Marcos Maidana was not the only option.
Hearn didn’t want to talk potential time frame so soon after the fight, but is confident he can get the big names to Belfast.
“We will be on the  case tomorrow,” Hearn said last Saturday night. “We where all ready in touch with fighters and have options. Work starts right away. We have to build on that performance and work when the hype is right. We are in the game to fight for world titles. We fought a guy who is rated higher than Paul and everyone else avoids. What more do we have to do to prove Paul deserves a world title shot. Not to mention Paul brings more to the table than most fighters in the division. It would be nice to fight Amir Khan for a world title, but it would be sweeter just to win a world title. We can’t wait around for him. He knows we would fight him in a heart beat and that there is lots of money to be made. Maidana is WBA world champion that fight makes great sense here or Vegas.”
Hearn talked positively about McCloskey’s future, but was in even more glowing when he reflected on the former European champions win over Breidis Prescott.
“I couldn’t be prouder of Paul it was such a roller coaster of emotions throughout the fight. He proved he has got steel. He showed heart, nuts and desire and deserves his world title fight. This is the first time he has beaten an extremely world class fighter. He has stepped up a level. If he lost tonight it was the end of the world title shot.

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